Gordon Brown survives a meeting of the Party

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Gordon Brown survived a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party last night amid recriminations and accusations of bullying, threats of sanctions, threats to grass up about questionable expenses and further threats to smear. He was actually applauded by some in the room when he entered.

    The word now is that he will stay on for some time, and he made that abundently clear last night, despite the demands to his face by a number of bods in the room that he step aside.

    The PLP has also briefed the papers to say that there is NO chance that a secret ballot on his leadership will be allowed.

    So, there it is - he's not going.

    Now, personally, I'm quite pleased about this. I'm calling that the right result, and I sincerely hope he manages to keep the top job until he calls an election.

    He and I are both of the same mind on this tactic; his being that he is going to lead the party for as long as he possibly can, and fcuk any ideas of democracy in so doing - it's not about democracy for him, or the country, it's about it being his turn on the train set, and nobody is going to take it away from him, even though he's breaking the engine, and standing on the tracks. IT'S HIS TURN!!!!

    For me, I'd like him to stay until the bitter end for the same reason. That party needs destroying, it needs breaking from within, and the poison leaking out from him and his cotery of power-hungry smearists is making it ever-more damaged.

    Every time it's had power in this country, this country as a whole has suffered mightily; it's been nigh-on bankrupted, ruined and made a laughing stock of. From empire to poor man of Europe. From riches to ruination every time.

    Well, Gordon Brown is the right man for the job. He's the right man to see an end to Labour, and long may he stay there.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I take the same view and hope next year to see Cameron facing Clegg in PMQ's.

    It just goes to show that there is not even enough spine elsewhere in the party to mount a challenge. They know they are fecked with Brown in charge, and he is in effect paralysed as is the government from this point on.
  3. The good news is - they are fecked if they do and fecked if they don't. Which just goes to show what a self-serving bunch of barstewards they really are. Socialists my arrse!

  4. Yes he certainly is, like you i see him destroying labour totally, while the Pravda style reporting of how only he can save the country.

    However this sits not so well against facts like the reports of LDV or C&G going to the wall. i think Cameron and Clegg are going to take him apart over the next few weeks in PMQ's and on the media. :D
  5. If Brown went now who would take over? It is almost certain a general election would have to be called due to the public not wanting a second prime minster in charge who wasn't in charge when his party was elected.
    Labour would get their arses kicked, whoever the leader is would have destroyed his career. Better to get as much as they can before the law states they must call an election and then hope for a 1992 tory style win.
  6. It took a lot for me not to throw anything at the telly last night watching those sycophantic CNUTS all coming out and saying they're backing 'Gordon the Moron' to the hilt, Balls, Ainsworth et al!!! :x :x
  7. This is fantastic news (clearly not as fantastic as hearing that the whole lot of them have been shipped out to St Helena for the rest of their natural lives, but there you go). This blank refusal to leave means that not only will Broon be dragged, kicking and screaming, from No10 come the General Election (..."I was getting on with the job!...") having confirmed his place as the worst Prime Minister ever, but his party of greedy, self-serving hypocrites will be so badly damaged that it will take years for them to recover, if they ever do. Their refusal to listen to those who they claim to serve will cause irreversible damage, IMHO.

    What is more worrying is the fact that, whilst Broon hides away behind closed doors and does his disappearing act once more, that slippery eel Mandelson will be wielding a ferocious amount of power. A year of having him in high office could be interesting to watch...
  8. I think it astounding that out of a party with about 350 MPs, nobody seems to be able to think of one that would be better than Gordon Brown. Talent must be getting rarer. Either that or politics atracts useless gits.
  9. The key question is, would the country be a worse place if we got rid of him next month, or if we had to wait a year before he goes?

    Maybe the destruction of the Labour Party is a price worth paying for the damage his policies will cause. If the choice becomes either a popular revolution leaving Brown swinging by his heels from a Whitehall lamp-post, or sitting back while he squanders all my children's earnings for the next 25 years, I'm not sure which I prefer.
  10. I thought there were only 50 vacancies in the Lords not 350. Totally agree ,what a spineless lot of self serving incompetants, so its a year boys and girls to feather your nests before you pick up your P45s and spend the next millenium in the wilderness.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Spot on stacker1 - Labour's chained to a corpse whether it likes it or not and what a price it's going to pay just so a group of failures can claim another ten paychecks before the axe falls.

    Wasn't happy to hear one of the Labour creatures talk about the meeting either - Mann I think it's name was. He was very agitated about the success of the BNP but, from the way he was talking, it sounded as though he wants Labour to out-Griffin Griffin. In its current desperate mood, I'm sure Labour is capable of anything.

    Where's Ashie and does he know he may have to start wearing an armband as part of Gordo's survival plan?
  12. My bold. There's a rather nice lampost I've picked out just opposite the doors of the Treasury. I like to think that I and thousands of others would enjoy the irony.
  13. My take:

    They know they are sunk; the question is by how much.

    They also know that the public would not tolerate another unelected Prime Minister, so any leadership contest would mean either an immediate general election, or a further drop in the polls.

    Because they know that they are sunk, any new leader would be willingly taking on a poisoned chalice.

    They also understand that at a general election, whether early or otherwise, is going to result in P45's all round.

    They also see that, if the status quo is maintained, things can't get much worse, and might even get better in the next 10 months thanks to a still rather pliable BBC which is in full on "save Gordon" mode.

    This gives them the following options:

    1. Maintain status quo -- chance of improvement, couldn't get much worse; P45's delayed 10 months.
    2a. New leader, no general election -- P 45 's delayed 10 months, but there will probably be more of them when they come.
    2b. new leader, immediate general election -- maybe a couple less P 45 's than in option 1 or 2a, but they'll be getting them much sooner.

    Remember that these are left-wing politicians who like to claim the moral ground, hence are only looking out for number 1. Hence, their choosing option 1 last night rather than 2b, which would probably be better for Das Partei electorally.
  14. I'm honestly amazed that Cyclops has lasted the weekend, but I think he's there for the duration now. No sane person will want the Labour job just now.

    The events over the last few days are nearing banana republic stuff. If you take into account the low turnout then the ruling party got around 6% of the vote. Throw in (and this is frankly awesome for a supposed socialist party) the shoehorning in of half a dozen or so unelected peers into the cabinet, and the election of a couple of fascists in 'safe' nulab territory and it looks ridiculous.

    Does anyone remember how Cyclops was put forward as a 'safe pair of hands at the tiller' and all that sort of sh!te? Just how laughable is that notion now after recent chaotic events? A joke of a Primeminister and a joke of a government.
  15. The spineless Labour backbenchers have thus confirmed they are so utterly terrified of an election that they continue to cheer a zombie Prime Minister in the hope that something, anything, will turn up to improve their chances. Not going to happen.

    Labour high priestess Polly Toynbee got it right:

    Dazed, gripped by delusion, the party tonight bottled it

    "'Things Can Only Get Better" was Labour's strangely double-edged theme song in 1997. Now things couldn't get worse, at 15% and below Ukip. How can Wales have gone Tory? Good grief, only 8% voted Labour in the entire south-east. ­Crunching the numbers for the next general election, YouGov says Labour has to get 20% more to win. It looks virtually impossible. That's what realists in the parliamentary ­Labour party said tonight – but the rest banged the desks as if loyalty would save their skins. They bottled it.

    Gordon Brown is not Labour's only problem, but he is the greatest ­obstacle to recovery. Delusory denial grips those still defending him, as they warn defen­es­tration would lead to meltdown. But that's already here – crack up, ­collapse, catastrophe, the nightmare is real."


    other Guardianista scribblers are equally doom laden

    Sleepwalking to oblivion

    These lemming Labour MPs have been bought off by fear, bullying