Gordon Brown Standing Down - NO DUFF!

I posted this on the other thread. This is a spoiling tactic, it has Mandelscum's hands all over it. The pound has instantly dropped against the dollar. This moronic shit does not care about the interests of Britain...

If the Tories are unwilling to offer PR and the wider LibDem party blocks a deal without it, all bets could be off. Krishnan Guru-Murthy (C4 News) has sketched out a very different scenario which would follow Gordon Brown quitting:-

The process this would involve is so convoluted as to make it almost certainly impossible – but the theory goes that Gordon Brown resigns as Labour leader but not as prime minister, while Harriet Harman as caretaker leader negotiates with Nick Clegg. This would be on the basis that David Miliband will stand unopposed by any serious candidate as new Labour leader, so that the Lib Dems know exactly who they would go into government with eventually.

Once the deal is done Gordon Brown goes to the palace and advises the Queen that the caretaker Harriet Harman can form a government with the Lib Dems, then once Labour has its new leader in place she goes to the palace and advises the Queen that Miliband will be taking over as prime minister.
Thereby removing the obstacle for a coalition between the Lib Dems and the Labour party..................


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Is Cameron about to snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory?
nigegilb said:
No he isn't. He is planning to step down as labour leader in October. He remains PM tonight..
......and the prospect of another unelected PM from the ranks of a failed Labour Party... holding a coalition with the LibDems. Is there no end to this bloody mans' brassneck! :x
What will it take for fvcknuts to realise that 'HE / LABOUR' lost the election, as far as I can see the three choices are:

1. Limp Dems & Convservatives to get their act together by COP tomorrow.

2. HM the Queen drags him in and sacks him?

3. The SAS do a forced entry in to No10, and drag cyclops kicking and screaming out the front door?


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