Gordon Brown: Remembrance Sunday should become British Day

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Capt Cheeky, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. From
    Patrick Wintour, chief political correspondent
    Saturday January 14, 2006
    The Guardian

    Brown: Remembrance Sunday should become 'British Day'

    Chancellor advocates annual celebration to emulate Fourth of July

    Gordon Brown will propose today that Remembrance Sunday should be developed into a national day of patriotism to celebrate British history, achievements and culture. The chancellor envisages a "British Day", equivalent to the Fourth of July independence celebrations in the United States.

    Mr Brown's remarks at a Fabian Society conference sponsored by the Guardian represent his clearest attempt yet to flesh out his personal political programme.

    In his speech Mr Brown will embrace the patriotism of the US, saying: "In any survey our most popular institutions range from the monarchy to the army to the NHS. But think: what is our Fourth of July? What is our Independence Day? Where is our declaration of rights? What is our equivalent of a flag in every garden? Perhaps Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday are the nearest we have come to a British day - unifying, commemorative, dignified and an expression of British ideas of standing firm for the world in the name of liberty."

    Mr Brown recognises that adding an element of celebration to Remembrance Day - traditionally for mourning Britain's war dead - could be controversial so he is also looking at a new day for Britishness modelled on the celebrations of VE Day.

    Either way, he believes the British flag needs to be recaptured from the far right. "The union flag should be a British symbol of unity around our values ... and we should assert that the union flag is for tolerance and inclusion."

    Mr Brown will also give the first clues about his thinking in other areas of policy. He will suggest that:

    · The government should withdraw further from the appointment of judiciary and clergy, even the appointment of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This follows hints that he accepts the need for a check on the government's right to declare war without parliamentary sanction.

    · Some of the political intensity could be taken from the tuition fees dispute by proposing that students be given extra grants if they agree to serve the community in their gap year before university.

    · A new constitutional settlement should be considered, including handing power to local neighbourhoods and councils.

    The chancellor's aides believe that a renewed patriotism, celebrating all the elements of modern Britain, is an agenda that the Conservatives cannot readily follow because in their hands it would look backward-looking and even chauvinistic.

    He will say the centre and the left have failed to understand that the values on which Britishness is based - fairness, liberty and responsibility - owe more to progressive ideas than to rightwing ones.

    Mr Brown also appears to accept that an elected Lords is not on Mr Blair's third-term agenda: he will say that Lords reform is an issue to which the party must return in a fourth term.

    Aware that David Cameron has proposed a form of national volunteering service, Mr Brown will seek to reclaim the issue, pointing to his plans in the 2004 budget to encourage youth volunteering first set out in the Russell commission.

    The English language, he will say, should be made an essential element of citizenship, through mandatory language courses for jobseekers found wanting.

    Veterans' groups backed the idea of celebrating Britishness, but opposed confusing that with Remembrance Day. John Hawthornthwaite, national chairman of the Royal British Legion, said: "Anything that would dilute what Remembrance Sunday and November 11 stand for would not be welcome. They have been instituted to remember the sacrifices of those who died for our freedom."
  2. Disgraceful.
  3. Imagine what a vomit inducing show of "political correctness" and "multi-culturism" it will be. Neu Arbeit's first action replace veterans for been not pc enough "not enclusive of all of society"! replacement??? how about some immigrant benefit claiming lesbian single mothers!!!

    sceptical me??
  4. I will personally assassinate the cnut if he ever succeeds in doing this.

    I would say they owe more to our fallen brothers than they do to any gobsh1te politicians rantings. Without their sacrifice this fat, loudmouthed cnut would have the title "UnterFuhrer" or "Prince" hoping to eventually become "Fuhrer" or "Kaiser"

    How much more of an argument does the fcuker want?
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, the man who will be Prime Minister after Bliar. What the feck do you expect?

    My blood's boiling.
  6. We have a Bill of Rights (America copied it)
    Nice to see that Mr Brown has a complete grasp of British Constitutional issues!

    (Of course it has been stripped of all meaning by Parlaiment over time)
  7. I give up.

    What's the job situation in France?
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    It wouldn't be assassination Aunty, it's called vermin control.
    He's not good enough to shoot - there are other ways.

    If this treason succeeds, race you to it ?
  9. I knew the Flag of St George had been hi-jacked by the right wing tossers, but according to Brown Job so has the national flag!
    Did anyone else know that?

    We have enough of the bad things from the good ole US of A. Do we need jingo-ism?

    Do we really want to be more American?
  10. I doubt that's what GB has in mind.

    More your celebration of the wonderful things that BRITISH black, one legged, pygmy, lesbians against the bomb but keen on wales have given us.

    Y'know the stuff we call all be proud of? :roll:

    Personally, I reckon the idea is sound. But I'd create it as an extra holiday, not a hijacking Remembrance.

    I'd also title it "Magna Carta Day" and have the first one celebrated by having Brown and all his ilk with their backs to the wall enjoying a final Silk Cut.
  11. Good idea, the 19th June would be a nice day for it, perhaps merge it with the Queen's official birthday. The idea of hijacking Remembrance Day is disgraceful though; just goes to show that GB, et al., haven't got a clue really about the true meaning of Britishness.
  12. Actually the Spams have Memorial Day, which is a three day weekend (Bank Holiday) at the end of May AND Veterans' Day on 11Nov (originally called Armistice Day), which is not a public holiday. The key difference is that Memorial Day recognises the fallen, while Veterans day recognises both the living and the dead.

    Personally, I'm all for a National Day of some sort, but I think it should be distinct from a day of sober remembrance. Besides, who wants to go on a long weekend break in the middle of November? I could live with early October, mid September or mid-June however I have a feeling the Frogs and 'Spics, the Boxheads and the Frogs respectively might raise one or two objections.
  13. On your first paragraph crabs, yes but like their medals the spams always overstate things. On day is sufficient.

    I totally agree with your second paragraph.
  14. I do have sympathy for his cause but to hijack Remembrance Sunday is grossly out of order. This Government has done more to reduce "National Pride" than any other would have dared.

    Who would support "National Days" to commemorate our National Saints of St David, Patrick, George and Andrew instead of a "British Day?

  15. The reason he is raising the issue is because He is afraid of the resurgence of The English Identity and the campaign for a St Georges Day. This is the same political party that removed the Union Jack from Registration Plates and had it replaced with The Euro Soviet flag. We need to make sure the left wing tossers are not allowed to hijack our national flag. They care nothing of Britain as a political entity, they certainly despise the thought of England as a national entity. The sooner we get an English Parliament the better as far as I'm concerned. Prescott heavily opposes that idea. Reason enough in itself to demand one!