Gordon Brown ready to back frontline honour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Gordon Brown ready to back frontline honour

    Daily Telegraph - 5 Sep 07

  2. Pity he isn't sympathetic enough to ensure decent compensation for those injured isn't it.

    F*cking hypocrite.
  3. F*cking hypocrite

    (^ I felt it appropriate to reinforce this point)
  4. "Talk is cheap!" as I'm sure at least one wise man has said...

    It is good that Brown is showing an interest; but it would be better if he showed that interest in a way that would tangibly make the lives of injured servicemen and women and war widows / widowers easier - i.e. money.

  5. F*cking hypocrite

    (It such a major point, its worth mentioning again.)
  6. Ref the thread about Broon's Book of British Military heroism, I still can't access that Telegraph page - is it or isn't it a wah? Even with 'good taste' stretched as it is by politicians, I can't believe he'd be so hypocritical as to publish such a book...
  7. Do we not already have several awards for this?!

    Until the compensation scheme is sorted out, any new awards will simply add insult to (literal) injury. Medals are cheap, morale isn't.
  8. Did anybody say F*cking hypocrite? Because he is.
  9. Suggest they vary the type of award directly to the amount of Compensatiuon actually paid.

    Of course the the public will then be treated to the sight of the majority of those thus "honoured" sporting plastic gongs knocked up for 49p in China.

    The whole system is cynical and rotten to the core, as well as being cr*p in administrative terms. By all means give such honours but until the MoD and Treasury are dragged kicking and screaming into offering a realistic and decent compensation system (and thus treating those injured in honourable fashion) such an award is likely to be used as a smokescreen by Politicians after cheap headlines and trying to spin their way out of yet another PR disaster.

    Just like Broon is doing now
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I agree

    F*cking hypocrite
  11. I think he's talking of a UK version of the US Purple Heart?
  12. Only so he can tax it
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    Maybe he should have a look around the military trauma ward in selly oak, tell you it's somewhere i don't wanna be again in a hurry.
  14. DozyBint

    The reference to his book is in a short section of the interview where he talks about the heroism of Capt David Hicks. If you can't find the interview directly on the Telegraph site (its on the 3rd page of the interview), Google 'Gordon Brown Military heroism' & you can get up a cached version of the page. I have copied below the relevant section:

    'He talks about the death of Capt David Hicks last month in Helmand. The 26-year-old officer was mortally wounded but refused treatment for his shrapnel injuries.

    Mr Brown said: "That was an incredible story of courage. He refused morphine so he could carry on leading his men while they were under attack."

    Later this year the Prime Minister will publish a book with stories of British military heroism.

    Capt Hicks is now in line for a posthumous Victoria Cross. He would be the first officer to win one since Colonel "H" Jones in the Falklands.'