Gordon Brown pulls rank to stop General Sir Richard Dannatt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nigegilb, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Latest action by the SinC, (Stalinist in Chief)

    Gordon Brown pulls rank to stop General Sir Richard Dannatt heading forces

    Michael Smith
    Gordon Brown has blocked General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the army, from being promoted to lead the armed forces because of his repeated calls for better pay and conditions for servicemen, senior Whitehall sources have disclosed.

    “It was Gordon’s decision,” said one Whitehall source. “Dannatt has made a lot of enemies among the senior reaches of the Labour party.

    “They want him gone sooner rather than later.”

  2. gordon wouldn't want a man with morals in that position.

    gb will not tolerate any dissent.


    edited to add; a good leader will try to surround himself with the best people he can find, a bad leader will surround himself with yes-men.

    guess which one gordon is.
  3. Broon knows New Liarbour is collapsing around him and is doing all he can to hang on to power , the people have seen thru the lies and spin . Unfortunately he does not have the guts to fall on the sword but I can see him having a massive mental breakdown . ( with a bit of luck )
  4. General Sir Richard Dannatt 'i believe' thinks more of honor and integrity than advancement and award.

    Truly reflecting 'serve to lead' i hope that more of the puzzle palace grow some and follow his lead too make cyclop's aim for waging war on the cheap a thing of the past...

    One wonders if POD wishes he had undertaken a 'grow a pair' operation rather than having his bags removed*

    * IIRC at public expense ?
  5. It does appear that NU Liabor are frightened of their own (long) shadow.
  6. shame. certainly the most loyal boss we've had in a long time. has remembered to look downwards rather than upwards. just goes to show how politicians reward those who do the job best.
  7. My question is what should the next man in line for the job do?
  8. Hopefully those who follow will take his lead and continue to speak out.
  9. Well, colour me surprised.

    Another great leader of men, marginalised by a very poor leader of men.

    The Army is losing top class leaders and by defintion the succesors will be of lower quality. It is also going to make the men suspicious that their leaders are Yes Men. The sooner that Brown and his odious shower are gone, the better. The Armed Forces will take a generation of leaders to recover from their policies.
  10. exactly the same as general dannatt.
  11. If this is true,it should not really come as a surprise to anyone.
  12. You'd like to hope the three service chiefs would stand united with each other. That sort of solidarity would ensure the dictatorship would have no choice but to listen as opposed to threatening them with getting back in their respective boxes.

    Youre right, its not but it is his job is to look after his blokes and if it appears they are not being looked after, he has every right to speak out.

    In a weird sort of way, I hope they force Dannatt out. If they did, it would be extremely transparent that he was right and they were wrong. I am convinced he wouldn't have any problems getting a job as industry would love to have his sort on the books. He could go into politics. The Torys should snap a chap like him up. They'd be certain to get every member of the Armys vote.

    Would his replacement be as outspoken? I dont know General Sir David Richards or what his stance is. You'd like to hope Dannatts leadership style has inspired those below him though (as opposed to PODs).
  13. Maybe General Dannatt should lead the coup.
  14. Pardon my ignorance but isn't the Queen the person with the final neh say?
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Typical of this shoddy Gov & that 'person' (cant call him a c*nt,c*unt's are useful,he is'nt!) to try & silence the one man who cares about our servicemen & women.If Broon & liebour had there way,we would'nt have an armed forces!!!!!!!!!!!