Gordon Brown - PM and Author

From the Times - worth following the link to see the whole article. I wonder if Ben Macintyre has been able to eat since being in the presence of the man?

Gordon Brown relishes the chance to be author of his own heroics

Ben Macintyre

As markets crashed and the financial world lurched once more, Gordon Brown used a surprise appearance at The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival to argue that years of experience make him the only man to lead the country out of the crisis.

I interviewed the Prime Minister for an hour yesterday, in what was supposed to be a discussion of his new book about wartime heroes, but which swiftly became a tutorial on the economic emergency, and his role in the efforts to solve it. Even so, the event had a distinctly military theme.
On the same day as DSR is announced. Says it all.


Mr Brown brought with him reinforcements, referring to Picasso and General Sir William Slim of Burma, among others, to underline his leadership credentials.

The ageing Picasso, he recalled, once responded to a suggestion that his 45-second doodle was worth a fortune by saying: “It didn’t take me 45 seconds, it took me 82 years.”

“I just hope the experience I’ve gained over the last ten years is going to be of use to people in dealing with this particular set of problems now,” Mr Brown said.
Government for, of and "buy" the people.


Our on-stage interview had been planned as a discussion of his book, Wartime Courage: Stories of Extraordinary Courage by Ordinary Men and Women in World War Two. He apologised that, through force of circumstances, a literary chat would also be a lesson on how oil price rises and the credit crunch had led the world to financial mayhem.


He is also fascinated by wartime bravery: this is a book he has been writing, on and off, for ten years. “The book is being published now, but I wrote it some time ago. I have been busy on the issues of the day.”

It is about ordinary people finding courage in extraordinary circumstances, about inner resources and moral strength, and about leadership. There is little doubt that in the present crisis, Mr Brown has also found a battlefield he understands, terrain he believes he can negotiate.

In his book, Mr Brown writes of the “happy warriors” in the Second World War who carried the fight against almost impossible odds.

Gordon Brown looked physically exhausted yesterday, anxious to show that he is fully focused on the global financial meltdown, and wary of overconfidence; yet he also seemed, in a way that I have never seen before, happy.

Sickening on so many levels. :evil:
Naturally he is keen on soldiers finding strength from their inner resources... mainly due to the fact that they are free!

After all, this is the man who has held a strangle hold on Defence expenditure for 10 years and thus ensured our inability to project the necessary force needed into two major conflicts.

Equipment costs money as does the care that our wounded should expect as a right from the state; however, Tommy Atkin's courage does not show on the fiscal spreadsheet and is thus A Good Thing.
insert-coin-here said:
Why oh why are suicide bombers so shit at target selection?
The fact that they've left him alone shows a remarkable degree of sophistication in understanding how best to destroy the country.
'Gordon Brown looked physically exhausted yesterday, anxious to show that he is fully focused on the global financial meltdown'

Isn't he supposed to have a Chancellor to do that for him? Who is running the country while the blessed Gordon is running around like a blue arrsed fly, pretending to be chancellor and trying to find someone who will lend him 150 Billion to prop up this countries' economy that he has spent the last 11 years ruining?
He'll probably win the next election by appearing to sort out the World's financial problems. He mentions Global enough times in speeches and is alway off somewhere for a conference - which is usually a talking shop - with other leaders. The lack of supervision of the financial market by the FSA is rarely mentioned.

Smartascarrots has it right. The Conservatives are remarkaby quit. I hope that they are waiting for the cuts and tax rises to follow to air their views and not because they have't a clue either.
tonka594 said:
too busy running around trying to sell the country off to the chinese and blame it on the credit crunch
At least they seem to be doing a competent job of running a capitalist economy. That'd make a change around here.

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