Gordon Brown Orders Defence Delays to Plug £2bn Hole

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Brick, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Defence cuts? What defence cuts? These are merely... slight delays in some defence related programs.

    What a surprise, he doesn't want to make a decision or take any bad publicity so he simply puts everything back a few years. Of course in the meantime we're still left making do with what we have and the gaps between when the old stuff really should have been let go and new lot introduced gets ever wider. I especially like this paragraph,

    And the cynic in me thinks of course and that couldn't be because he knows that short of a minor sodding electoral miracle he'll be out on his arrse in two years time. Of course I could just be generous and put it down to a decade of underfunding and general cack-handed-ness at organising stuff rather than purposeful actions.

    Now if you'll excuse me I think I saw an outrage wagon going past that I need to get on. :x
  2. "Gordon Brown orders defence delays to plug £2bn hole"

    Remind me again how much the one eyed tosser spent trying to bribe voters prior to the Crewe and Nantwich bye-election....lets hope the defence chiefs grow some!!!
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    I'd suggest that this helps proves that Igor is a self serving w@nker who puts his own existance ahead of national interest.

    I thought as much when I advised a certain international company to team with a well known company in Igors constituency, although there was no good reason for it, other than it being in his constituency and that he talks to the MD a lot. I reckon Igor phones Him......

    The good Yanks would not believe that such a cynical move would strengthen their bid. I would suggest, m'lords, that this proves the case for.......

  4. I take it he won't be spending the money required for Smart munitions to plug the Cluster Weapons capability gap the w@nker has just signed up to any time in the next 10 years then.

    Lets hope T Atkins DOES survive these t0ssers!
  5. Is he even softer in the head than most of us think?????? With the laws or corporate manslaughter and health and safety now in force can that man be a bigger CNUT??????

    Give us what we need and stop penny pinching (well a couple of Billion). I hope that PR*CK rots in hell and is haunted by the many who will die because of him!!!!

    We have cone heads who make and design kit to save our lives so give them the money and stop paying for immigrants and chav tozzers. Oh hang on make the chavs join up and earn their money!

    Rant over.

    P.S. nearly over what I want to know is how the hell you can get a carrier into Afghan?????????? Must be a hell of a sized jingly wagon
  6. Out of the list on what the Army will be having cut, sorry, 'delayed'. The one that particularly send's a chill down my spine is the Bowman GPS system designed to prevent blue on blue.

    The majority of the other 'delays' are new capability orientated but the Bowman one is more of a safety thing.

    I hope that no incidents occur that could have been avoided using this technology.

    Oh yes, and Gordon, you are a f*cking t0sser.

  7. We we're never going to anyway. Any funds that did arise from the loss of said 'frames were spunked on C17.
  8. I don't disagree that Broon is a cnut of the first water.

    But: we overspent £7 Billion (hardly pennies, Conco) in the equipment programme so what do you expect to happen?

    The 'Bowman kit designed to prevent blue-on-blue' is more journo nonsense: it is designed to facilitate situational awareness; IFF can help prevent 'blue-on-blue' = different capability. And anyway, nothing can totally insure against this happening anyway.

    We need the carriers if we are to continue pursuing our defence interests around the world: have a look at the Military Tasks before posting irrelevancies like 'we can't get a carrier into Afghan' - no shit, Sherlock.

    A complete non-story that we 'exposed' last week here on ARRSE: none of this should come as any surprise to any reasonably sensible onlooker with even a passing interest in defence matters.

  9. What I find more shocking is that everyone has known this would happen, but there have been no difficult questions asked Parliament.
    I think the Tories have missed a trick here.
  10. Good to see the fine tradition of journalistic inaccuracies :roll:

    The Navy has survived virtually untouched eh? Right so all those ships that have been sold off, decommissioned or put into 'extended readiness' (no naval vessel has EVER come back out of 'extended readiness') so that we can have the carriers (as 1SL put it recently 'jam tomorrow') is a figment of my imagination then?

    Without breaking OPSEC, we NEED more than 6 Astute SSN's as they cannot be in more than one place at the same time. As for the Type 45's, the original figure was 12 as agreed in the 1998 Strategic Defence Review, not 7 so the Sunday Times hack can double away and recheck their figures.

    These cuts were not agreed to-that's why we got rid of so many other ships as we were basing the future RN on having 9 Astutes, 12 Type 45's and 2 Carriers.

    FFS, we still haven't even got around to deciding what's going to replace the Type 22's and Type 23's yet....
  11. I wonder if Broon will ever start ruffling feathers in the city by going after the corporate tax dodgers, the ones who by the governments own (low) estimates take away £25 billion every year in tax from the treasury.

    Then again since the government like to employ these tax avoidance companies for other things i doubt they'll be doing that, plus the cuts to the tax office means the city companies can drive a bus through the gaps left.
  12. Remind me how much will the Olympics cost?
  13. The same amount as the extra T45 and Astute perhaps? :roll:
  14. My thoughts too. Hmmmm, priorities? Defence v London Olympics? But don't worry, while one day we may be reissued with SLRs and 58 pattern we'll also boast half a dozen Olympic bronze medals in archery, fencing, the 50m freestyle and other insignificant events.
  15. er, I think you will find that the 'strategic reserve' weapons which were stored after the SLR was taken out of service, were given to sierra leone by tony blair.