Gordon Brown MD of the IMF?

Already been done a couple of times.

Edited to add that I'm too lazy to put up the lnks.
Steady on there. Cameron "could" block Brown. The word "could" is only there as a theoretical concept - a bit like the word "Independent" in the title of the newspaper that was once caught emailing Alastair Campbell at No 10 to ask what he wanted on the front page.

Dave has already announced to the world that Gordon will join the IMF after Prince Philip comes out of the closet; England win the World Cup; Wayne Rooney gets 5 A-C grades at GCSE and Elvis Presley is discovered working in a chip shop in Scunthorpe.

In fact, it's thought that when he was asked the question on the Today show, it was a half arrsed assassination attempt by the lefties at Radio 4 who hoped Dave would choke to death on his Earl Grey.

I mean, not content with taking the fourth biggest economy in the world and turning it into the still smouldering bomb crater that we all see before us, Gord wants to move up to an international role where he can wreak fiscal catastrophe on a global scale. The man isn't a politician. He's a Bond villain.

Consider a phone call between IMF MD Gordon and the President of Spain José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in the not too distant future.

Gordon: Hullo. Cash Converters.

José: ¿Que?

G: Just ma wee joke Hose. What can I do for you?

J: Our economy is, how you say .........


J: Si. Si. We need a bailout.

G: Fifty billion be OK for the moment?

J: That is very generous. Would that be Dollars or Euros?

G: Why haggle over details. I just need to ask you a few questions.

J: OK.

G: Are you in full time employment?

J: Err, si.

G: Good. How many out lesbians in your cabinet?

J: Err, none. España is a Catholic country. We have no lesbians here.

G: What? WHAT? Catholic? You'll get no money from me ya Fenian bastard <slams down phone>

J: Hello? Gordon? Are you there?

Stand by for WWIII if that man ever gets into a position of responsibility again.

Gordon: If you're reading this. Take a hint mate. Time for the earliest of early retirements. It's either that or a lifetime of humiliation as everybody from the World Bank to Carphone Warehouse knocks you back like a narcoleptic break dancer on the X Factor.
I think this should be moved to "The Emperor Mong thread,it looks like a classic case of Mongs advice about how to balance your finances, e.g."go on Gordon,the price is right,sell the gold now you'll make a fortune!"On the other hand,"it's o.k.,let the banks have their head,they know what their doing,the country will make a mint!"

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