Gordon Brown is feeding you porkies

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Bit of a rant but hard to disagree.



    "When it comes to misleading, Brown is the boss. He is Marvo the Misleader, the Daddy of Dissemblance. Where others employ fake magic, Gordon's trickery is real: successes appear from nowhere; failures vanish.

    If misleading were ever to become an Olympic sport, Brown would win more gold medals than Mark Spitz. For him, statistics are not facts; they're the perquisites of office. Numbers don't matter; it's the message that counts."

    "Whether it's on crime, education, taxation, truancy, health, child poverty, public finances, economic growth rates, domestic elections, the European treaty (aka constitution) or the most obscene distortion of all, weapons of mass destruction, almost nothing we are told seems to bear scrutiny.

    When examined closely, time and again, there are omissions and distortions, fudge and mudge. Veracity exists, but only as a theoretical concept – nowhere more so than in the emotionally charged debate on immigration."
  2. I thought this might be an explainination of why i've gained weight in the last 6 months... oh well.

  3. More sh*te from the Torygraph?
  4. Well taken for granted that they are never going to say a Labour leader is a good bloke.

    But which of the distortions and manipulation of facts & statistics did not actually happen?
  5. 'Bottler' Brown makes 'Spiv' Bliar look like a beginner when it comes to lies - sorry, distortions - oops, inadvertent inaccuracies. With the 'Bottler' it is all statistics, numbers, but never, ever, any facts.

    I reckon he has already overtaken Bliar as 'Liar in Chief to the Great British Public'.

    Don't be ill in Bliar's Britain - you'll probably die in hospital.
    Don't try to prevent crime in 'Bottler's' Britain - you'll be arrested.
    Don't save money in 'Bottler's' Britain - he'll tax you more.
    Don't work in 'Bottler's' Britain - better off on the dole.
    Don't join the Army - you'll probably be charged to make Bliar look just.
    Don't criticise - the 'Bottler' does not like critism.
    Don't expect your children to learn to read and write in 'Bottler's' GB.
    Don't think about your MP's expenses - Mr & Mrs Balls £300,000 PLUS!

    Bliar b*ggered this country, 'Bottler' Brown is burying it !
  6. i thought it was part of the job spec for a politician to be a weasly, rat faced, lying, toady,wretched ARRSE of a person.

    did i say that out loud?
  7. Welcome to Democracy Comrade
  8. Fatcatfred wrote:

    In which case, Mr Broon is an exceptional politician.
  9. And this is news???........ that is taken as fact... now if he had actually been spouting the truth for a change that would have been news!
  10. What surprises me is that after years tied to Bliar that anyone expected anything different.
  11. :D BIG ONES. :D
  12. WHy don't you tell us?
  13. Why don't you tell us what part of the article you think is factualy inaccurate? Because IMHO calling Broon a liar is like calling Hurricaine Katrina a wet fart. :evil:
  14. I seem to remember the Telegraph praising Blair in his honeymoon period. At the end of the day the article accuses Brown of being a despicable cheating and lying cnut. Sounds pretty accurate to me.