Gordon Brown is depressed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. What a shame.


    "Gordon Brown is depressed. He thinks there will be nothing he can do as prime minister. Tony Blair has ruined things for Labour with the catastrophe in Iraq and three years in office is the most that Brown can hope for"

    "Their Labour government, which came to power to the strains of “Things can only get better”, is mired in an ideological, quasi-imperialist occupation of Iraq. It is now accepted that life is no better for Iraqis today than when they lived under the murderous regime of a barbaric dictator."
  2. It is now accepted that life is no better for Iraqis today than when they lived under the murderous regime of a barbaric dictator."

    Never mind his own over taxed ppeople man needs to get a grip!
  3. HE'S depressed ! Hello Pot, this is Kettle, message over.
  4. I'm glad that he is depressed, maybe now he will feel the same as the overtaxed and sh@t upon that he and his bum buddy Tony caused!

    Feel the pain Gordy....feel the pain :p

  5. Nice to see the Times printing news

  6. I hope he's depressed enough to top himself.
  7. No such bloody luck, the scumsucking, sweaty, miserable toe rag of a barsteward!!!
  8. Well it is said that depression is anger turned inwards. That being the case the time has passed for Gordon to express his rage at Tony for the war in Iraq.
    He could have made his stand clear and asserted his opposition over the Iraq war-the outcome of standing firm would have been-no chance of de-selfing, no repressed rage and no depression- IE well I told you so plank.

    After all he was the right hand man.

    But hey hindsight and all that.
  9. I hope he enters 'THE DAWN OF EMPTINESS' , and decides to take a lonely drive to Beachy head,muttering all the way with a bottle of Gordons Gin.Incoherent, rambling and sweating. Rocking backwards and forwards , Saying,"Why not me, blair,"
    In the same manner as the priest from the film 'THE FOG'.

    I wonder how many people he has forced the same 'journey' on?

  10. Can he be depressed into a bucket of acid and can I be standng on his neck ? If not I'll do one :)
  11. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I sense the purveyors of spin; when he succeeds to the throne of Great Helmsman and finds that he is going to lose the next election, it will all be blamed on Phoney Tony for squandering the goodwill of 1997.

    After all, it couldn't be anything to do with the fact that he has raped the country of its resources including his infamous grab of people's pension pots , sold our gold reserves at below market prices and stealth taxed his way into all of our lives could it?

    Or could it?

    If he wants to know about 'depression' maybe he could ask our serviceman whose marriages and lives have been wrecked by tour after tour without adequate regeneration time on inadeqaute pay and without the kit and materiel that he refuses to spend money on.

    After all, there's schools'n'hospitals that need the money more to teach children how to celebrate Eid and the joy of having two parents of the same gender in the first instance and pointless 'art installations' and equality and diversity enforcement managers in the second.

    Gordon, you reap what you sow. Don't try to spin your way out of it now.. :evil:
  12. should Scotland be independent please can they take Blair and Brown back, I will even pay the train fare ! as long as they don't return to England.