Gordon Brown hints at Afghan withdraw

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    August 30, 2009
    Gordon Brown hints at Afghan withdrawal
    Jonathan Oliver Camp in Bastion, Afghanistan

    GORDON BROWN yesterday prepared the ground for a pre-election announcement of troop withdrawals from Afghanistan next year.

    During a lightning visit to the front line in Helmand province, the prime minister announced plans to double a training programme for the Afghan army to reduce its reliance on British and American troops.

    “Stepping that up means the Afghans themselves take responsibility for their own affairs,” Brown said.

    He also hinted that there could be a temporary increase in UK troops to support and mentor local forces, with government sources suggesting that Taliban fighters could even be granted an “amnesty” in the effort to bring the conflict to a close.

    The announcement will be interpreted by opposition politicians as an attempt to lay the groundwork for a highprofile commitment next year to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

    Although there is little sign that the war is being won, with this month’s democratic elections blighted by low turn-out and claims of corruption, Brown is under intense pressure to enter the general election campaign in a position to say the mission in Afghanistan is reaching its conclusion.
  2. Intentional deletion placed on wrong thread.
  3. Little signs of War being won
    How does one define winning against Whom ?
    No visit to Karzhai or Pakistan ?
    UK cannot afford Nue Labours Wars and it's Armed Forces have become too expensive to maintain.
  4. Afghanistan is a good place to teach us how to fight. It also gets us the kit and equipment we need (mostly). We need operations like this to stop the Government from annihilating us completely. Look what happened to the British Army of the NI years. We were pretty much in rag when the Falklands and first Gulf war kicked off. The kit was shite on Telic 1 as well.
  5. Sideshow Bob said the same thing a few weeks ago. It was b0llocks then and nothing has changed since.

    Just another pathetic attempt to put a positive spin on Afghanistan, desperatly trying to improve his chances in next year's general
    election. :roll:
  6. Afghanistan has tested our armed forces to the absolute breaking point. The whole operation has been one giant near miss and has shown the world that we are a "former" military power.

    It has proven that without assistance from other nations and hand outs from charities we would well and truly be on the bones of our arrse (at home and overseas).

    The only positive thing to come from this whole campaign has been to prove that man for man the british soldier can still punch above his weight and it has ensured we have experienced SNCO's and officers to train the next generation of soldiers, sailors and airmen.

    By all means pull out of Afghanistan in the same manner that we pulled out of Basrah. But lets stop spinning this "We won" sh1te. We never won in Basrah, we just left during half time and took our ball home. We'll do the same in Afghan no doubt.
  7. Does everyone on these forums read the Times? Because it gives you a pretty scewed version of the world (Then again, there isn't many newspapers that don't these days).

    Of course he said that. If getting Afghanistan to take care of its own affairs isn't our main objective, then god knows what is. If anything, he is hinting at sending more soldiers to train those 50,000 ANA he is talking about
  9. No Argument!

    Its all a big pile of dog w@nk but it pays peoples wages and as you said, wars have come and gone for 1000's of years.

    No doubt our kids/grandkids will be moaning and wondering why Op Bollock isn't been provided with enough lightsaber proof body armour or whatever.

    Still leaves a bitter after taste though. I'd like to say I would hope that politicians would learn lessons about getting involved in campaigns with no real mission other than "Go there, have a fight, look the part, spend as little as pos" but that'll never happen either.
  10. They'll be saying the same thing in the year 6009 when they try to invade planet Miston in the next galaxy.
  11. FSJ - We should fight the wars we need to, not fight because we can. You seem to be advocating live fire as an alternative to DTES.
  12. What is DTES?

    Why do we need to fight in Afghanistan?
  13. No doubt the Omicronians will be doing the Omicron Persei 8 marathon (In human suits) in order to raise money for Help for Heroes.