Gordon Brown has cheered me up - indirectly

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Oi!! Mod!! - What happened to my 3rd poll option "Other (suggestions welcome)"?
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Tony Blair!

    .....Er hang on a minute.
  3. Oh, what a let-down! When I saw the thread title I eagerly clicked on it because I thought the repulsive fücker was brown bread. Now I am disappointed.

  4. Be very careful what you wish for.

    Harridan Harperson lurks not so darkly complete with her puppet master hubby Jack Dromey, who is of course deputy general secretary of the Unite union and Labour Party Treasurer throughout the entire funding scandals.

    Did I mention that somebody had decided to waive the Labour party all-female shortlist criteria when selecting the candidiate for very safe Leyton and Wanstead Labour seat ?

    And that said Jack Dromley is "very likely" to be selected along with a great many other Trade Union placepersons in other seats?

    What a surprise

    "Senior Labour figures estimate that three quarters of the candidates in winnable seats at the forthcoming general election were the choice of one of the major unions when selected.

    This process declined in the heyday of Tony Blair, when No 10 regularly installed candidates in winnable seats, as it did with David Miliband and Pat McFadden.

    A union figure said: “What is new is that the unions have made a much more concerted effort to get working-class people in Parliament. We want less lawyers and upper-class professionals"

  5. It's also interesting to see that grass roots Labour members are being canvassed to see who they prefer out of Cyclops and Harman.

    Guido has his take on it over on order-order..

    He is backing Harman.Unsurprising when you consider what a divisive character she is and that her apointment would be much worse than a relatively human type such as Johnson.

    This is all academic though as it is extreamly difficult to remove a sitting PLP leader due to the internal party mechanisms.A person would need considerable influence within the unions to force through a leadership challenge......oh hang on a minute...
  6. blast, I thought there had been a mix-up and Swayze lived whilst Broon had finally had the time of his life...
  7. I can see it coming, a 'dream ticket' of Harperson and John 'comrade' Cruddas as her faithful deputy.

    God help us 8O
  8. No. Then he would come back and haunt us as a ghost...
  9. Cheered you up - why, has he died?
  10. So which part cheered you up? It is massively depressing to be led by the incompetent with no hope of respite in the future.

    I heard a very interesting piece on R4 yeaterday which pointed out that Union membership is virtually non existent in the private sector so much so employers really ignore them; it is really only the public sector that make up the bulk of the membership. I think it is a disgrace that unions should be pushing for substantial pay rises when many in the private sector are taking cuts just save theire jobs. i am not opposed to unions per se, they do help protect the individual and offer legal assistance that a lone worker could not afford, but they should learn when to shut the f8ck up, anad bend over like everyone else.

    I also hate the way parties are swayed by their donors, be it unions or rich individuals. I think all donations should be capped including that from the unions. If workers want to donate money to the party they should do so directly - Obama had a huge war chest and it was based on thousands (if not millions) of small donations. - A debate for another day I know.
  11. Lets let The Monster Raving Loonies have a go! :D
  13. Don't wish for something too much - you might just get it! For the same reason that the allies didn't want Hitler assassinated in the last war (he was doing too good a job for the allied cause), I want Cyclops to stay until the election. Allegedly, every madcap, dogmatic and plain stupid policy of the last 12 years has been germinated in the fertile mind of Harperson. Imagine the insanity if she got her hands on any more power.
  14. Pity about Harridan Hatemen - she was quite shaggable 20 years ago. As for Cyclops, shouldn't somebody write a (tragi-)comic opera about him?

    "Gilbert! thou shouldst be living at this hour:
    England hath need of thee ..."
  15. A G&S about Broon? The F**kwits of Fife perhaps?