Gordon Brown Finally Speaks the Truth..

Well the Subtitles do anyway....

A party apparatchik then?

On the you tube thread there are mumpties who defend Brown to to death despite the overwhelming evidence....

If you think GB was correct then tell us why.........Then we can debate..... God forsake us.....
Gordon Brown was, in the opinion of this correspondent, the member of the Labour party least deserving of high office. And he was up against some prety stiff competition, let's not deny it. His best moment? Probably selling off the UK's gold reserve to the lowest bidder at a historic market low. Hats off to the man. Anyone else would have been sent to prison for such catastrophic incompetence, he muddles on for another half decade. And he squandered the cash raised. I for one would not get tired of punching him.


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it was the fact that he knew he was hopelessly out of his depth even as chancellor so as pm he was fcuked after all that effort to get there.

if he hadn't pushed our tone out of the way the country would still have been destroyed but at least tony wouldn't have made all that blood money. not sure if I could have coped with the excuses from tony as to why the credit crunch and housing bubble wasn't his fault.
Arfah, I am earnestly hoping that that was a quote and not your considered opinion. If the latter then blimey o'rielly, what a ****
just googled it, apologies arfah. For the less dilligent, his last was a quote from Gordon Brown.
Tony "the ****" wasn't pushed out by GB "the ****".

Although being a ****, Tony knew exeactly when it was time to jump ship and drop all the crap into some other ****'s lap.

Not being the NAAFI, I do apologise for using the word ****!


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Good to see Carlie Chaplin getting out and about.

"We don't do economics. We do justice."

That's a quote from an article written by a leftie in the Guardian about Labour economic policy. It's as applicable now as it was then.

Here's Hattie getting her arrse handed to her by an interviewer after she'd just committed to spending the banker's bonus tax for the eighth time. (I believe it has currently been spent 10 times over as of now).

I hear she's fond of Googling herself so Hattie, if you're reading this, here's a lesson in basic economics given with the assistance of a couple of young ladies errm, divesting their assets.


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