Gordon Brown fails Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Gordon Brown fails Forces, say experts Telegraph online 15 Feb 08

  2. statement of the blindingly obvious?
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The actual RUSI Report:


    "Our world has entered into a
    dangerous phase of uncertainty. In the
    United Kingdom, frustration with our
    piecemeal and erratic response to new
    threats has sapped the strengths we
    know we have. In reaffirming a political
    settlement that has served us well, by
    accepting some considered institutional
    innovation, we shall be better able to
    meet what lies ahead, and extend to our
    allies the support we owe them, helping
    them in turn to support us."
  4. I'm sure Gordon will react promptly - and hold another "review"
  5. Now you know why Blair held off you becoming PM you c*nt. It's about time you f*cked off.
  6. But didn't our great leader tell you 'no one admires and respects our armed forces more than I do' - so that's all right then. Apparently, the Navy have been told to expect cuts of 8000 over the next few years - should make manning the new carriers quite interesting.
  7. what carriers? what careers? what a c*ck....
  8. Its pretty damning stuff isn't it, describing Britain as;

    "walking into an Ambush" (happened before)

    Suffering from "Sea Blindness" (basically forget the Navy as we have forgotten we are an island)

    We also are not adjusting our forces mix to reflect geopolitical changes emergece or China, Russian Re-emergence, future competition for resources etc.

    The press being the usual numpty's they are have focussed on the wrong part of the report and are missing the meat of the issue.
  9. It's not just Broon who has the monopoly on letting HM Forces down and down badly!
    However, IF / WHEN we are in the EU proper, we will be able to cut even more of all three services and rely more upon the EU!
    Shot in Foot!
  10. Letting down the forces is only a problem if you think that national humiliation is a bad thing. I'm not sure that applies to New Lairbore apparatchiks.
  11. Sadly HISTORY is repeating. Prior to Ms Thatcher, the"Winter of Dicontent" and the dipatch (not permenant because of short memories) of the Labour Party in 1979. I was a fullscrew taxi driving at weekends just to pay our living bills generated by my family living in a seriously sub standard quarter. Carried out CPX in 432's on the main square (no track milage left). QM counting out slices of toilet paper 1 slice per day for pads and singlies 2 per day. 2 pens, 3 pencils and 4 notebooks per Coy and 1 pack of paper each week (moratorium on stationary). Saw lots of HMS decomissions. But there is no Ms Thatcher/Caped Crusader in any of the current opposition parties to look after the Forces that defend this Country. So same as same as. :? :cry:
  12. But did people look at Thatcher in 1979 and think, "Oh good, she's the one to fix everything?"

    I can't really remember, but I think that Labour lost that election, rather than Thatcher being carried in on a wave of hope and expectation. After the Falklands it was a different story, of course, but then if they'd not been planning to scrap the Endurance, that war might not have happened.

    To veer back on topic, I think Broon and his cronies will cut back the forces simply because every penny they spend is targetted towards people who might vote for them. Think Ken Livingstone, but with more subtlety. The forces are seen as a special interest group with no Labour votes, therefore uninteresting.
  13. That link should be a Sticky.

    And a copy sent to every miserable snivelling cowardly MP who kowtows to the false Gods of Multiculturalism. I hope they rot.
  14. Not being a conspiracy theorist, but remember Burgess, Philby and Mclane? Hopefully future leaders and politicians bought by the Russians.

    I would not be surprised to hear ,in years to come that Blair and Brown were the 2 most successful Soviet moles in espionage history. Those 2 have done more damage to this county and it's armed forces than all the other plots in history