Gordon Brown: failing eyesight

So, he really is more than half blind and getting worse. Maybe explains in part why he behaves thus but, IMHO. he is still a cnut.

Gordon Brown's eyesight is causing concern among aides

Gordon Brown is struggling with increasing problems due to his partial sight, it has emerged.

The Prime Minister's close friends have revealed that he can only see extremely large print and has needed guidance at public events. There were suggestions that if Mr Brown falls or bumps into something his damaged retina could fail and he would go blind completely.

Mr Brown, who was left blind in one eye after a rugby accident at the age of 16, addressed the problems in an interview when he admitted that he is suffering increasing problems with the other eye and recently had to have a cataract removed.

Appearing stoical, he said he had "enough" sight but admitted: "It does mean when you're speaking to an audience you automatically tend to correct [which direction to look in] so you've got to be careful. If you're reading something you have to look slightly to the side."

Damian McBride, Mr Brown's chief spin doctor until the reshuffle, is quoted as telling the interviewer: 'His sight isn't very good.'

Insiders also revealed that Mr Brown's memos are in huge print and triple spaced while his own handwriting is getting larger. One senior official said: "If I want him to reply to an email, I always make sure it's in at least 36 point." That is five times as large as standard print size.

There is mounting anecdotal evidence that Mr Brown is battling a serious disability. As this newspaper revealed last month, the Prime Minister has been daubing black ink all over the Commons' dispatch box during Prime Ministers' Questions.

Aides have now also revealed that at the Labour spring conference the Prime Minister took a wrong turn off the stage and failed to find the exit.

When he was about to meet a line-up of war veterans recently, the former minister John Reid had to be moved out of the way because Gordon "would have confused him with a veteran", according to one aide.

"You can't understand Gordon if you don't understand his fear that he could go blind at any moment,' one friend said. "In public Gordon puts on a heroic performance, but there is always a cost."

The revelations may be an attempt by Number Ten to explain to the public why the Prime Minister appears to stare blankly and awkwardly sometimes. The apparently frozen expression on his face and forced looking smile has been one of his biggest disadvantages in connecting with the public.

There were also suggestions last night that Mr Brown's legendary temper was down to his frustration at his own limitations. "The anger is actually very much about him," one friend was quoted as saying.

WTF is it with Zanu NL and gayers and Magoo's? Is it some kind of conspiracy?

Oh, yes.
Maybe they're preparing the ground for when he retires on "health grounds". Clever move to deflect attention from the fact that he is widely believed to be mentally unstable and on drugs to suppress his more unpleasant traits.
"The anger is actually very much about him", eh? Well, at last Brown and most people here have something in common. Anyway, if this report is true, then it's yet another compelling reason for him to stand down; blindness is just too serious a disability in anyone occupying a senior governmental post. It was bad enough with Blunkett as Home Secretary, but a PM unable to see what's going on around him, unable to read the sly, crafty faces in a Cabinet composed of liars, backstabbers, swindlers, cowards and fools, would be (already is?) a recipe for even greater disaster than this one's already visited upon us. I have the utmost sympathy for anybody who suffers in this way, but far too much is at stake and he should go now, using this as a semi-honourable excuse. (And could this 'revelation' be the prelude to just that? We can but hope.)
Then his wife must be totally blind. Everytime our PM 'smiles' an angel dies. If The Simpsons were to hit the big screen I'm sure Gordon would play Mo.
He might be a c0ck with a capital c0ck but fair play if his sight is as bad as the article says. Thats not at all an excuse for his actions or decisions but anyone struggling with a disability deserves credit.

Once again though, thats no excuse
I always wondered why you guys called him Cyclops, I honestly had no idea that he actually had problems. Doesn't change anything, infact, as bad as it is to say it, let's live in the real world. His eyesight sounds like a liability. Shouldn't really be in such a high role with that.
Hope the cnut goes blind and deaf and get cancer like goody


Now we know why he couldn't see the financial problems on the horizon until they leapt up & smacked him in the face :D

I don't however agree that being blind should automatically bar him from office. With the right advisers around him to fully and accurately brief him on what is going on in the World/Country/area of concern at the time, he could still be able to use his intelligence 8) to come to the correct decision.
If his palms are hairy as well, that'll confirm my opinion of him.

Blindness isn't necessarily a bar to high office: inflexibility and absolute commitment to dogma in the face of actual events should be.
We've already had one blind pew wielding power [cabinet minster] who made a complete cock [if you'll forgive the expression] of things.....
Strange how these stories about the 'human side' of brown are suddenly appearing in the media out of the blue (second or third this week). Could it have anything to do with a certain Mr. Campbell reappearing in Downing Street?

Coincidence or what?
No wonder he fc*ked us while Chancellor, he couldn't see where he was writing the figures, while doing his double entry accounts, good job he was never in the Mess !
Has anyone considered he has his memos in huge font because he is just a thick cnut?


Book Reviewer
Aww bless him... a sympathy story when the economy (of which he had reputedly mastered) had gone belly up. Cabinet Ministers have dealt with disability before with suitable dignity. David Blunkett for one.

The only time Blunkett apologised for anything was when his dog shat itself in the Commons
EScotia said:
.... he could still be able to use his intelligence to come to the correct decision.
Like he did when he was Chancellor, you mean? That worked out really well, didn't it? :D :D :D

{Quote}There is mounting anecdotal evidence that Mr Brown is battling a serious disability.{Quote}

Anecdotal evidence? Anecdotal?? They're having a bleeding laugh ain't they? We KNOW he has a serious disabillity. He's a one eyed, malicious nutter, who couldn't oganise a p... up in a brewery, his only achievment has been to wreck this country.

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