Gordon Brown celebrates courage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mnairb, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. Although I have been posting on Arrse for some time, this is the first time I have started a new post - although I am very surprised that no one else appears to have picked this one up.

    In the Sunday/Daily Telegraph, the forces-hating Gordon is having his latest book, on military heroes, serialised. How this hypocritical man can have the bare faced cheek to write a book like this, having stiffed the armed forces for the last 10 years is beyond me.
  2. I doubt the hypocracy of a man with no discernable personal courage (ref election 2007) feeling able to write a book celebrating other people's courage, while he should be running the country, has been lost on anyone here.

    However, we're all under orders from PTP not to start threads that will inevitably end in 'GB's a cnut'. So if I were you, I'd trip along to the Adj's office and see how many extras you're up for.
  3. Sorry, I was away last week and didn't realise, I just thought it surprising that something like this, which would traditionally have arssers up in arms had gone unremarked.
  4. I am sure that the PM is in awe of the personal courage shown by members the armed forces in a time when the country was under threat.

    Courage, after all is the one thing in the armed forces that is free. You can't buy it or spend money on it, there for he is all for it. Anything that he doesn't have to spend money on is good in his mind, I'm sure.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Precisely (nearly) and very well put. To be more accurate, one could say that it is courage and dispensable bodies that are free. One only has to look at the likes of Kitchener in WW1 to see the truth in this. Sending an almost endless stream of 'brave' men over the top to fight for a couple of feet of ground. One can praise those dead bodies until the cows come home.

    It takes a far better leader of men to realise the stupidity and wastefulness of such a situation, and to address that by supplying said 'brave' men with the necessary equipment, funding and training to ensure the objectives are met, exceeded and to ensure that as many of those same men as possible come back to reap the dividends of their selfless bravery.

    Unfortunately, Gordon Brown is not, was not, and never will be such a visionary, and we will continue to lose good, brave men due to his inadequacies of character.

    Somebody should tell Mr Brown that merely writing about others, their sacrifices and their bravery, does not reflect on him those same virtues. Anybody can write stuff, but it takes a real man to DO stuff.

    A brave visionary, with the courage of their convictions, and even an ounce of the character of the brave men they wrote about would, if it was in their powers to do so, provide the funding to enable those far greater of men to do their jobs a lot better, and therefore bring about the result required with less losses or discomfort.

    Edited to drive the point home: Having the courage of ones convictions would not lead to the cancellation (in a panic) of a mere election, let alone a war.
  6. I am not surprised that Gordon admires courage, I am just surprised he recognises it at all. I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that he wouldn't recognise moral or physical courage if it had bitten him on the Arrse before this book was published. Or maybe his ghost-writer is a bit tasty in the courage department?? :p:
  7. The irony of this is not lost on me, I have just been too irate to put finger to keyboard. We can admire courage whenever we want, but GB needs to show it more often himself and, rather than a study of WW2 heroism, how about a study of TELIC/HERRICK heroism?

    Oh and just for PTP - GB is a cnut.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Would he even DARE do a study of Telic/Herrick heroism?1?! There's having an absence of courage, and there's having a complete absence of wit. GB isn't THAT stupid, though, yes, he is indeed the biggest cnut in that choc-a-block and overly habitated place called cnutsville in the land of cnuts. In the land of the cnutless, the one-flapped cnut is a cnut.
  9. I was just about to say that. Can I just add that he is truly a feckless cnut surrounded by cnuts of the highest order?
  10. It does strike me as a kind of plagerism. Taking stories of other peoples courage and trying to get people to identify him with courage through association.

    Having read the first two days of the serialisation then he has picked some good examples. Tomorrow Stan Hollis, who I believe won a VC on D-Day if memory serves me. But as with the folks above, somehow I am even more annoyed for the fact he is using good examples.

    However, obviously anyone can spot these heroes and tell their tales. I could do that until the cows come home. In fact all I'd have to do is go into my parents attic and did out my garantual stack of Victor comics (if my parents have binned them I am disowning them!). But from what I have read of the two serials so far he doesnt try to analyse courage, or what motivates people to do it, or draw lessons. He just traces over their (admittedly very worthy) actions. Maybe the book fleshes it out, but I'll never read it cos he is a cnut. Which is a shame as I'm sure these stories are worth telling. Just not by a politico with such a shameful track record for supporting the troops on task at the moment.

    Maybe his whole reason for doing this is to say "these guys did all this in 37 pattern webbing and Lee enfields, so we are cutting your funding further 'cos courage alone is enough". Stand by....
  11. Actually when he decided not to call a general election David Cameron pointed out the irony of him lacking the courage to call an election everyone thought he would win and the fact that he had just written this book. It was a great (if there can be such a thing) moment from the floorof the House of Commons.
  12. Now that's nearer the truth..... never shown any interest in his armed forces other than a source of extra income as a handy place to make cuts.

    The idiot is laughable.
  13. A snivelling 'carpet bagger' of the worst kind, trying to make a quick buck off the backs of the Armed Forces that he has decimated for the past 10 years.

    Everything this man touches recently has turned to disaster.
  14. On another note, what gives him the right to prattle on about something he clearly has no clue about and, as his own actions show, just as clearly cares less.
    I would suggest if anyone from the MoD is reading this thread that they have a word upstairs and tells the SofS that his boss is regarded as the biggest bandwagon jumping tw@t of recent times. By which I mean that Commissar Blair was a bigger tw@t but it doesn't absolve Broon of his complicity.
  15. Hmmm...Apparently Nick Griffin is to serialise his book on Tolerance. Osama Bin Laden is also set to serialise his new tome "Judaism And Other Religious Faiths: They're OK With Me!".

    The saddest, most depressing thing about this venal, moral vacuum of a "leader" and his grasping coven of dishonour that is our present government is that the alternative parties are at least as bad or worse.