Gordon Brown can still win an election


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Yep, you heard it first here!

Margaret Becket, her with the £650 pergola and Rose bush, bought at taxpayer's expense, says that Cyclops can indeed steer us through 'difficult times', and he can still win the next election.


Gordon Brown's leadership is the lead story for most of the papers

Gordon Brown can win the next general election for Labour providing he changes course, former foreign secretary Margaret Beckett has said.

The prime minister's leadership has come under pressure from within his party after defeat in Thursday's Crewe and Nantwich by-election.

Ms Beckett said Labour had to learn from the electorate's "clear desire to see a change of course".

Mr Brown has said he can steer the UK through "difficult" economic times.[/b]
What do I say about that? Bring it on baby - call an election, you've got my vote! [snigger] :twisted:
The next election being "Cnut of the Century" presumably? Well he has my vote for sure...
Gordon Brown can win the next general election for Labour providing he changes course, former foreign secretary Margaret Beckett has said.

The above quote from Miss Beckett says that he can win if he changes his policies to different ones, if that is so then the current policies are wrong and should not be used, so perhaps Neu Labour is wrong would be the truth
Heard about the remarks from her earlier on, didnt know whether to laugh or burst into tears.

How much longer do we need to suffer the "ok, we need to listen to the people" and "the people have sent us a loud and clear message" and now "he is the right man if we change our policies". At least all is well on Planet feckin Labour.

Please god....make the bad man stop!! :x
Gordon Brown can still win an election
You know what's really sad? He probably could.

Let's say, just for sheets and gaggles, that Broon falls on his sword having succumbed to an uncontrollable urge to do something right before he pops his clogs ........ Just let me hold that picture in my mind a second longer........ ok.
Who steps up to replace him..........?
Here's the full Labour cabinet as of Jan 2008.
Pick one to lead the Country....

No. I couldn't either.

But look at the opposition. Pick any of that lot either.....
Someone you'd vote for with the expectation of them doing right and giving Britain's future a bit of an uplift.............


Is it still too early to start calling the next election fixed? :cry:
Oh how very, very, fcuked are we.

[Edited because of ming-monginess]
A classically insightful comment from one of the finest Foreign Secretaries this country has ever known...... oh, no - hang on a minute. Does she really think that we would be swayed by the opinion of a Blair stooge, put in to the FCO so as not to upstage Tony as he bestrode the world stage like the diplomatic colossus that he was......oh, no - hang on a minute.

Notwithstanding any scepticism about the quality of the alternative at the next election, it is immaterial. No party should be allowed to serve more than one term - whenever they do, they go mad with power and end up insulated from reality to such an extent that they cease to act in the interests of the Country. I also do not subscribe to the excuse that only by serving in back-to-back terms can a Government influence the strategic direction of the Country. This might be true if any of them were acting in the strategic direction of the Country, but sadly no politician seems able to see beyond the end of the next newspaper deadline (and with 24-hour rolling news, their horizon is just getting shorter and shorter). They should leave the strategic direction of Government to the Civil Service and restrict themselves to fluff and gloss - and for no more than 4 years at a time.

Of course, you have to reform the Civil Service and go back to the good old days of recruiting only the best people from the best Universities and delete all the social engineering policies that have left us with an emasculated Civil Service full of political placemen and the sick, lame and lazy of all descriptions - but that is a price worth paying.

And if we can have Boris Johnson as PM for 4 years, all the better. It would be such a breath of fresh air to have someone who says what he thinks at the helm. And with a strict 4 year limit, maybe other politicians would say what they think and mean what they say, rather than having to be devious liars in their desperation to get re-elected for another term.
Regarding Tories as possible leaders you feel you could trust, I reckon David Davies would be a top bloke in the position. I'd quite happily have him as PM.


Seems to be well educated, with Business and Management qualifications and an ex member of 21.

Unlike the current shower in the cabinet, whos main qualifications seem to be toeing the party line and having a fanny ( well most of them).
"Gordon Brown can still win an election"

Correct - but only if he kills himself ..............

........ using the Stauffenberg technique by planting a large bomb in No. 10 timed to explode during a cabinet meeting.

If he topped himself and the 3 ring circus that's currently running the country even I'd vote Labour, purely as a mark of gratitude.
smff73 said:
Seems to be well educated, with Business and Management qualifications and an ex member of 21.
You have to remember that he grew up in a council house headed by a single mum, he's had his nose broken five times and he has a permanent scar from fighting a bloke who was armed with a crowbar. IMHO this disqualifies him from the PM's job.

His talents would be much better utilised as Home Secretary, stalking the streets of London by night, personally leading the Met's newly formed 'Gene Hunt' squad and kicking the living sh1t out of every hoodie, gangsta and druggie that he comes across.

smff73 said:
Unlike the current shower in the cabinet, whos main qualifications seem to be toeing the party line and having a fanny ( well most of them).
What about Harriet HarMAN? Gimme a gender on that. I've never been sure.
Not only is Margaret Becket something modeled on a gargoyle and f*cking ugly she is also delusional. She was probably the worst foreign secretary this country has had imposed on it, and now she reckons that Brown can turn round a 17.6% swing against New Liebour!

The message to the New Liebour people is your time is up, the only variable is by how many seats they will lose, and how long they will be in opposition, if not the third party. The longer he is in position now the more likely that the Labour Party itself will vapourise and be out of power for 10 to 15 years hopefully, if it can ever recover and come back at all!
Labour is a devious machine on a bad day. If it gets it's act together then it's got two years to spin and lie it's way out of trouble.
Tony would, ya know.
And Cammeroon has never impressed me.
The more I think about it I believe Screaming Lord Such would have done a bloody good job compsred to this bunch of cnuts.
All of the present bunch of to***rs are only interested in winning an election.

It would be nice to have somebody whose priorities are running our country to give us value for money, justice and a reasonable standard of living, ie to SERVE the populace.

I can but dream.
Beckett, the woman who on Any Questions said in response to a question about the ragging MPs gave Prescott over his affair.
"Oh They're just teasing John"

Sunday and I'm watching on tv the supporters saying "Oh Gordon is just fine/doing a good job/strong leader/got us out of foot and mouth brilliantly/will make sure we recover if given the chance etc etc

So false and self serving/job protecting that I wonder if I'm hearing right.

Jesus, who voted for them?

Not me I know, but some of you must have!
OldTimer said:
Its all right listening but the **** doing bother paying any attention to what they hear
Very true, I listen to every word my other half utters, then I go off and do whatever it was I was planning to do. Its the only thing that Broon and I have in common.
Grodon Gollum McBean Brown can win the next election.... I wonder what 'stuff' Miss McGoo Beckett has been imbibing?

As it is, a Leadership challenge looks more and more likely, the vultures are circling the wounded McBroone.... It looks like it could be the Boy Miliband or 'Round Spherical Objects' Balls.....

If there is a challenge and Pa Broone gets ousted, then the Boy Dave Cameron should demand an early General Election.... there no way another unelected 'Dearest Dear Leader of the 'Marxist-Leninist-Bureucratic' Lie-Bour Party would be accepted in the light of the Crewe bye-election results.

Even the 'Guardianistas' are calling for a change..... :lol:

Gordon Brown would be forced to appoint a deputy who could be swiftly groomed as his successor under humiliating last-ditch plans being discussed by ministers to patch up his failing administration.

Senior figures are holding emergency talks on ways to stop what one called the 'haemorrhaging' of power from New Labour amid signs that Brown is losing control of his party. Rumours swept Westminster yesterday that one senior cabinet minister has begun raising money for a potential leadership bid, while up to 40 backbench MPs are said to be ready to back a challenge.

If Brown loses a vote on his terrorism bill in two weeks' time, as expected, that would become the catalyst. The justice secretary Jack Straw, who has already privately signalled concerns about the measures to detain terror suspects for up to 42 days, is regarded as the most likely senior figure to move against him

I personally think that Missy Hazel Bleares should be the next Nu Lie-Bour Dear Leader.... am I being serious......? am I 'Eck!! :p :p :p :) ...well, if they definately want to loose big-time...

(Is Dildo Baginses Hobbitt Forming...?) :?
uncle_vanya said:
As it is, a Leadership challenge looks more and more likely, the vultures are circling the wounded McBroone.... It looks like it could be the Boy Miliband or 'Round Spherical Objects' Balls.....
Who'd want it though. As many have said, the Labour leadership is a poisoned chalice. The 'winner' of a leadership contest would almost certainly be leading the party to a landslide defeat at the next election and, quite possibly, a couple of decades in opposition.

I think one of two things will happen.

Most likely, Labour will go the same way as the Tories went in the 90s. The capable MPs will leave to pursue lucrative second careers while the party flounders in opposition.

A second possibility is a 1980s style lurch to the left while they're still in power. An uber leftie (there's talk of Ken Livingstone) gets in to No 10 and runs the country into the ground in true 1970s style. Oh joy,
Not only has Zanu-Liarbore lost touch with the electorate but it appears they have now lost touch with anything resembling reality.
In my view he cannot..

Never fully articulated, but I felt that the Blairite New Labour "Project" seemed to have as its core aim making UK a high tax/high public service economy on the Scandinavian model.

Unfortunately, to make this work you need: demographic stability (so that inflation stays under tight control), an incentives system that compels the native population to work and privatisation of state services, to standards set by the state. It has not happened.

Brown is mainly to blame for this. His unnecessarily dewy-eyed concern for the "puir weans" of the labouring classes blinded him to the fact that if he offered mass sinecures in the public sector, benefits as a lifestyle choice, many of said "puir weans" will take him for a ride. Labour also wished to secure a new massive core vote in the wake of clause 4 and the falling industrial base. Gordos dominance of Blair on economic matters ensured that this was relected in the fiscal policy New Labour adopted.

The consequent rot in our barrel is way over generous provision for the unproductive and expansion of the state as the provider of state services. In the enterprise economy bequeathed by Thatcher, work was plentiful so immigation went up, as did the cost of government for no direct return. This combination of factors makes application of the Scandinavian model impossible in UK at the moment.

To do it, Brown would need to: overhaul benefits, reduce dramatically the public sector whilst instigating private service provision and curb immigration dramatically. Against his deepest instincts and at this point very high risk since it will alienate his new core vote, without necessarily winning back the old one.

I suspect that if NU Labour had achieved the Scandinavian model (and I think that Blair's instincts were better than Brown's on this) we may well have seen them back for at least another term.

Brown's only chance will probably be to force Cameron's Tories from their current "masterly imprecision" into voicing specific policy positions that directly menace Labour's new "core vote". Ironic, because it may be that Cameron has the Scandinavian model in mind himself....

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