Gordon Brown attacked over Forces funding


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Fantastic Tellingraph front page on Sunday, that pretty much sums it up from the septic perspective.

Broone you cnut!

Gordon Brown has come under fire on both sides of the Atlantic for starving the Armed Forces of funding, leaving them struggling to fight on two fronts, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister was attacked by Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, and a White House adviser over ten years of "underspending".

He was accused of refusing to give British troops the money to defend themselves as they combat insurgents in southern Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
and my favourite (and exactly what grips my sh!t):

Gordon Brown showed no interest in the Armed Forces in his time as chancellor," said Dr Fox. "We know what he thinks about casinos and cannabis but we have heard scarcely a word from him on Afghanistan. When it comes to people putting their lives on the line there is a deafening silence.

As chancellor, Gordon Brown never gave defence much priority and now the skies are black with chickens coming home to roost."
Now, he's saying that our presence in Iraq is open-ended; pressure from septicland methinks, but still not one solitary word about extra funding.

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