Gordon Brown 'angry' at UN poverty goals not being met

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maguire, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    BBC News - Brown angry at slow work to meet UN poverty goals

    '...Mr Brown is particularly concerned by the lack of progress in ensuring every child has access to primary education.'

    hmm...angling for that charidee post now it's dawned on you that no f***er in business wants to know about your dubious 'expertise' eh?
  2. He thinks his lifetimes work is to make us as poor as he possibly can. Well charity begins at home so i'm going to turn the kitchen light off.
  3. Had a quick scan at the BBC and I quote from it .....

    More than 140 leaders are meeting to review progress, among them UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who is flying to New York having addressed the Lib Dem party conference on Monday.

    Perhaps I am missing something here but in what capacity is Brown representing the UK when we have the current Deputy Prime Minister attending .
  4. I take it the lying, incompetent, myopic twat is on about the UK then...........'Edyukayshun, Edyukayshun, Edyukayshun'

    'Brown angry' the ****ing neck of the man!
  5. Mmmm...watched the video clip...makes my heart soar to see how haggard 'n' hollow he looks/sounds, fully aware but unable to cope with the fact he's a nobody(if your reading this you cnut..its 'A Nobody'..'yourr' sound bites count for nothing)....oh 'n' your Mrs will after a decent interval file for divorce leaving you even more broken...have a 'nice day'...:)

    P.S When are you going to turn up at your place of employment to do the job that I indirectly pay you to do you 'workshy cnut'

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I think Mr Brown's default setting is to be angry, particularly at that large white rabbit.... which is standing behind him..... all the time... and which won't stop talking... ever...
  7. Who gives a monkey's toss what this sh*tbag thinks?

    We've got rid of him now; can the media just let us know if he is either tried and executed for treason or where his grave is so I can p*ss on it the way he pi**ed this country up the wall? Otherwise - don't give him airtime.
  8. I hope Brown catches cancer of the colon and dies a slow an very painful death.
  9. Maybe the Puir wee Soul still thinks that ... "He saved the World...!" He possibly is angling for 'something important' in some charity just to be seen to being 'as important' like his wee pal, Teflon Tone...
  10. Broon and Kinnock, theres a double act for you.
  11. Some classic quotes
    Brown & Kinnock
    I take it the lying, incompetent, myopic twat is on about the UK then.
    He thinks his lifetimes work is to make us as poor as he possibly can.

    Yet it will be interesting too see how quickly the great unwashed of UK return to the labour Fold.
    After all we all know it was all Maggies Fault.

  12. I'm angry this awful man is still drawing breath!!
  13. Look on the bright side, though, after all that aid, Learjet and Mercedes have full order books.
  14. and more jets and limousines still when the twerp Clegg's latest hand-out is trousered by the corrupt and disgusting filth that masquerades as 'governments' in most of Africa.