Gordon Broon gets a P45 on Friday new Employment suggestions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by killaloe_holiday, May 4, 2010.

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  1. Cyclops will be out of a Job on Friday. Please post any suitable suggestions where the one eyed cnut deserves to work next.........


    I'll kick it off by hoping he is re-employed straight away cleaning the $chitters at an Immigration Centre with his toothbrush.
  2. "Wringer-out" for a one armed window cleaner.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I just bought a good book actually, and I may use it for inspiration.

    It's called '101 Use for a Dead Cunt'
  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Watch and weep Tory Boy. Then put on your Reboks man, and go play fucking tennis. *Linky*
  5. On any of the Castle Baronshortt threads along with the other sad cnuts we all love to mock.
  6. How about sucking a syphilitic tramps pustule loaded c0ck for the next year? After that we can think of something new.
  7. Moving target driver? Although APFSDS would be too quick and painless, it'd have to be on a WP shoot.
  8. Is Mandelson homeless again?
  9. I started to watch that, and had to rush off to the shitter, where I laid a turd the size and shape of a cricket ball. Magnificent thing, though it made my arrsehole smart a bit.

    It looked much more eloquent, and more deserving of a vote than that thing in the video.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    It's not Friday night yet. And me and my close personal friend and associate Lord Mandelson know where you live. And where your Mum walks her incontinent dog.

    Think on. We dont want a fuss, do we?
  11. Pogo stick tester. In a minefield.
  12. You should of put it on ratemypoo.com
  13. Childrens Entertainer.

    My daughter always laughs when she sees him speaking..its the funny jaw drop that gets her going :)
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    My Public dear boy. *Linky*

    Do you want to get BANNED? Because I'll do it.

    Just do what we say and it'll all be cool. Trust me. I work for Labour.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A sound decision. Your children may wear shoes next year. Stay in touch, do?