Gordon Bleeds us dry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by drain_sniffer, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. 1. Drops income tax by 2p but scraps the 10p starting tax, so those on lower incomes pay more.

    2. Raises tax on "gas gusslers" that account for less than 1% of carbon emmisions

    3. Extra 1bn to fight child poverty - code words for more money for benefits. Combine this with a higher tax on lower incomes means that its pointless for single parents to go to work. They are better off on benefit.

    4. Corporate tax raised by 2% on small buisness whilst cut on large companies - ??????

    Thats all I can be arrsed with. Sum total is that everyone gets shafted and pays more. Come on Sven, defend the un-defensable
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    The bloke is a clunt!
  3. I think Sven maybe the one one the left:

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  4. Increases corporate tax: business owners don't vote Labour
    Cuts income tax for low earners: this applies to all low earners, i.e. not just the people whose bosses are paying more corporate tax, but also State workers and benefits claimants, who (are more likely to) vote Labour.

    Apart from poncing about trying to be friends to the tree-huggers, all he's doing is taking from people he doesn't like, to give to his mates.

    If he hands out the money every day for the next 18 months, it will look a lot less like an election bribe than if he just turned up at the polling station with a bunch of brown envelopes.

    B_AND_T sums it up rather well. :pissedoff:
  5. I always said he was a cnut. I've just remembered why!
  6. All the usual Smoke and mirrors. Some real nasties will buried in the Press Releases and "other documents".

    All stinks of buying some votes and gaining brownie points with Trade Unions just in time for the next election campaign.
  7. Hmmmm

    dropping the 10p rate - the Beeb said

    "Lower starter rate of 10p to go, meaning all those who pay income tax will start at 20p in the pound - meaning little difference likely to take-home pay"

    Little difference which will be made up in tax credits perhaps - I don't know this but it is fair enough to summise?

    Top rate to rise to £43,000 - You don't want to mention this DSniffer?

    Penny or so on booze - fair enough. VAT DROPPED TO 5% ON NICOTINE PATCHES

    Fuel duty up by inflation - fair enough


    Car tax up for some - down for others - Great

    Roger so far - Discuss
  8. Sven wrote: Penny or so on booze - fair enough

    You F*CKING WHAT?????

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  9. Wow - 5% on nicotine patches. Lets all go and celebrate folks

    No VAT on Airline Tickets - Thats because he has already introduced an illegal tax on flying which bumps up the cost of flying

    Car tax up for some - for most I wouls say and down for very few.

    Very weak Sven
  10. Sven you throbber.

    By removing the 10% threshold it basically means all of those people who used to benefit from the lower tax rate will have to pay more, whilst those who earn more pay less. That'll win votes.

    Brown is tool of the highest order. He's effectively ensured labour will not return to power.
  11. Cad

    Perhaps I'll remind You of this the next time You whinge about binge drinkers

  12. Just done a rough calc using the BBC's Budget calculator, £4.81 worse off a month. :pissedoff:

    Blogg you were right to be suspicious of buried news, and not just in the budget - big meeting in London this morning where Lyons revealed that the Council Tax is inherently unfair, it will be lucky if it warrants a few column inches in the inside pages. :frustrated:
  13. I thought he'd cut corporation tax. Has he sneaked in some cunning stunt involving National Insurance that I missed?

    Also, he said many of the changes will come into effect next April. Am I right in thinking that means April 2008 rather than April 2007. This will leave whoever replaces him plenty of time to make up any difference with new increases.

    As others have said - smoke and mirrors.
  14. Sven wrote: Perhaps I'll remind You of this the next time You whinge about binge drinkers

    Well being a binge drinker myself.. that may prove difficult.

    It is people who cannot hold their ale I despise old boy.
  15. Sven, obviously not being the politico that you profess to be I would rather not discuss the merits or demerits of a stalinist wonker that no-one, other than you, seems to like. He and his cronies in the Labour Party have systematically raped every dept that the government control. They came to power on an election promise of education education education the only thing any of us has learned is subducation subducation subducation. The whole of the party stink and the stench that is waiting to inherit the nation from Bliar will bring tears to the nations eyes.

    You are obviously a socialist of some degree. Which strikes me as strange as you are choosing to follow a party that ditched it's socialist roots to gain power and will do anything to stay in power. So why do you choose to defend them?