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US steps up pressure on Iran

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was one of those with strong words for Tehran, warning that any attempt by Iran to build an Islamic republic in its neighbour Iraq would be quashed.

He told the Council of Foreign Relations that Iran was "being unhelpful today with respect to Iraq".

"Iran should be on notice; efforts to try to remake Iraq in Iran's image will be aggressively put down," Mr Rumsfeld said.

In the same speech, Mr Rumsfeld acknowledged that Iraq may have destroyed all its chemical munitions and weapons of mass destruction before the US-led invasion last March.

He said this may explain why such weapons were not used against coalition forces during the recent conflict.

The defence secretary's comments about Iraq came amid further accusations from Washington that Tehran has been harbouring fugitive members of Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network and trying to develop nuclear weapons.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said on Tuesday that steps Iran had taken regarding the capture of al-Qaeda suspects were "insufficient", despite the country's arrest of several suspected members on Monday.

He also said the US continued to suspect that weapons development was at the heart of Iran's nuclear industry.

So, Iran is next on the "Re-elect Bush 2004 campaign" , and Rumsfeld is saying "errrr maybe Saddam did destroy his WMD's prior to the invasion"

I'm either having a very thick morning, or this is ALL nothing but bullsh1t.

What are we doing, are we going to invade every bloody place, then say "Ooooops, they didn't have WMD's , but now we're here....."


The CIA's report on Iran . read that, then read the report on Iraq on the same page.


The infamous Iraq report. Read that, especially in the light of Rumsfelds comments last night.

Any bets for whether or not Blur will get us involved in this latest crusade?

"There is evidence Iran is helping Al-Quaeda" Sound familiar? There is a sh1tload of evidence, that elements in Saudi Arabia have been helping Al-Quaeda, 11 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis.

The more I see, the less I believe. Can we get back to fighting wars for good and just reasons please, not "They are a threat to Israel, they have to go"
The Crusaders were "working" in the Christian interest not Jewish.  

Incidentally, there were occasions when the Jews and Muslims fought side by side against the Crusaders, particularly when defending towns/cities.  That should not be too surprising given the Crusader track record when it came to handling the defeated population.

Question:  If you are supportive of the right of a Palestinian State and critical of Israeli policy, can you be considered anti-Semitic?  As far as I am aware the Arabs are also a Semitic race.
No, you can't be, but on the other means , you will be accused of it. :-/

Not sure how the term anti-semetic started , unless it does date back to the crusades, and if you were an anti-semite , you were against the enemies of the superstition you followed

Or some such.....
If we do get involved with Iran it should be an interesting experience.  During my time at Dartmouth (1979) the Shah was overthrown.  We had two camps when it cam to Iranian Naval Officers, those who kept their crowns on the cap badge and those who cut them off.  The former group could be found in the bar and probably did not go home.  I assume there must have been some Iranians at Sandhurst – so we could be meeting "old friends", albeit down a SUSAT* or some such device.

* apologies if I use the wrong terminology, my primary weapon is the 9mm nowadays and when we do use the SA90 it has iron sites.


I am reassured to see that all these vipers nests are being cleared out.

After Syria and Iran I am assured that Rumsfeld will be turning his attention to Leeds, Bolton, Manchester, Wood Green, Finnesbury Park and  Brick Lane as well as parts of Luton and Botanic Avenue.  Who knows what other reliable targetting intelligence is available

And a silver lining for the B52 crews: the flight times will be a lot shorter from Fairford and there will be huge savings on tanker resources. ;D

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