Gorbals Mick: another Dead Man Walking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, May 18, 2009.

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  1. If he was listening carefully instead of trying to blag his way through, would have heard two things:

    1: the unmistakable sound of a craven, one eyed Son of the Manse starting to shuffle away from him which turned into a sprint not very long after

    2: the soft but deadly "click" that sent this, at a critical moment yesterday, into t'interwebby:

    Did the Speaker mislead the House over Damian Green?

    "..three senior law enforcement officials appeared to question the account he had given in the Commons of the police search of the parliamentary office of Green, the Conservative immigration spokesman.

    They claimed that Martin's account of the Green affair was not consistent with their understanding of what had happened.

    After Scotland Yard detectives arrested Green and raided the MP's Commons office last November, Martin told MPs he had not been informed in advance that the police had failed to get a search warrant.

    In a statement he appeared to blame his subordinate Jill Pay, the serjeant at arms, for not telling him the full facts..

    Speaking to The Sunday Times on condition that they were not identified, the three officials said they believed Martin had been told that the police did not have a warrant.

    They allege Pay had consulted Malcolm Jack, the clerk to the Commons, about what to do when the police first approached her. They claimed Pay then telephoned Martin and informed him of Jack's advice and during this conversation Pay told Martin the police had no warrant. Yesterday David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, said: "I intend on Monday to seek a freedom of information request ... to determine precisely what happened on the day that the decision to search Damian Green's office was taken."


    Quite keen to hear what he has to say for himself. Sure it will be well considered
  2. If those officials don't tell parliament then nothing will be done. That means their anonymity will be up the creek so I don't think it will amount to anything.
  3. Targets will fall when hit.
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    According to Sky News he is making a statement to the house at 1530.

    I shall be watching carefully.

  5. I will be surprised if he resigns on the sayso of 16 MPs.
  6. Why bother, the cnut will be donning his teflon coat right now.
    I very much doubt he will resign, he sill stick around for the cash until he is forced kicking and screaming off the gravy train
  7. He does not have the grace to resign, and I believe he can ignore the motion of no confidence if he chooses.
  8. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I know there is no question of resignation and the EDM is'nt worth the paper that it is written on.
    I'll just be interested to see if the arrogance of last week persists and whether he will do another shocker.
    We will see.
    Could be a laugh though.
  9. The trouble is, no one thinks that they have done anything wrong and Martin will brazen it out until it's all over. The only thing that might skewer him, as Blogg says, is Cyclops (you know, the one that writes books on courage) throwing him to the wolves to save his own miserable skin.

    Amusing yesterday to see the BBC (of all people) pointing the finger at Cyclops over the HBOS shambles - all roads are starting to lead back to No. 10 and he can't keep hiding, ducking and weaving for ever.
  10. Yup
    But Brown says the speaker is on his own on this one


    Spineless cnut hasn't got the balls to take a stand either way
  11. The problem is that the Speaker MUST have the consent of the whole house in order for the house to function properly. If only 100 of the 600+ MPs support his removal, then he doesn't command the repect of the whole house. In addition, if the PM doesn't get rid, then he is further seen as supporting corrupt practices within the house. If he is removed/resigns, then one of Gordon Brown's trump cards is gone (it's like having the ref on your side in a footy match). For Gordon Brown, it's a lose-lose situation. We shall find out at about 15.30 today but I reckon he's going nowhere until the next general election.
  12. He will lose too much money if he goes before the next election, so he will stay until he is pushed methinks.
  13. The word "grace" used in the same context as 'Gorbals Mick' RABC :? :?
    (Danger young Robinson ... does not compute!)

    The wee shiite is going to klingon until as long as humanly possible like a turd that won't flush because he is 'earning' something in the region of £140,000 / year for sitting on his fat corrupt useless arrse... plus he intends to hand over his safe constituency to his son.

    Hardly seems fair, does it?... But then, as we all know, Gorbals Mick has always been a huge fan of Parilamentary democracy!
  14. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    I may regret saying this because we don't know what the Wily Coyote has up his sleeve yet, but he was going next year anyway so it's a non-event whatever happens.
    I reckon he will dig his heels in to get the full pension.
    If he goes now, I'm going to get a bottle of Macallan to celebrate.

    Here's hoping.