Goosed Ipods

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Santa_Sunday, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Help needed fellow bleeps...........

    My daughter's Ipod has suddenly started coming up with a "Corrupted files" icon and an "unhappy Ipod" icon on the display. The PC doesn't 'see' it anymore either when it's plugged in.....

    Any clues on how to sort it out ...?? downloads etc........!!

    Or should I just bin it........??

  2. Take the battery out for a bit, uninstall any software associated with it from your P.C, re-install said software, put battery back in, plug into USB port on your comp and check on HDD C: drive that it is there and recognised. If it isn't there at this point.......then your f*cked. Also try deleting all MP3s off the iPod as she may have downloaded a file that is ******* the system up. Thats my tuppence. Good Luck!

    Cheers Easy!
  3. How do you take a battery out of an ipod?
  4. Guess what question I was just about to ask............???
  5. plug it into the PC and hold hown the centre button and the play button. This should put it into disk mode. tHE pc will recognise it as an external drive. If you have the latest version of itunes (if you don't then get it) then itunes will recognise the ipod and you can use the settings page to restore the ipod to factory settings.

    If it is just recent then you need to check what has been recently added for corruption.

    Its a real pain and my main bugbear about the ipod that this happens!

    Hope this helps

  6. I don't think you need to bin it (says he resisting the temptation to say throw it my way ;) ).

    From the sounds of it there's just something wrong with the disk file structure. You should be able to use iTunes or iPod Updater to Restore it. The only thing is this wipes the iPod clean so you'll lose all the songs on it. As long as she has her tunes on a PC somewhere that can be loaded back on then the answer should be simple.

    First off, get hold of iTunes v7 - this integrates the iPod updater and makes it easier to manage an iPod.

    Then follow the steps on - select your OS, the iPod model, then click on Restore for instructions.

    Let me know if this works?
  7. Oh, and following the advice on the Apple site means you don't need to try and set it to disk mode first, but if it doesn't work first time then give that a go.
  8. Apparently it involvess using a guitar plectrum (no wah) otherwise the casing cracks. Mines showed up the corrupted files then ran out of puff and refused to switch on , would not charge and laptop would not recognise it. I phoned apple and had to send it to amsterdam, They sent it back three weeks later with a badly photocopied note saying that I had performed illegal modifications to it and they would not be repairing it. It also came back in a slightly different shape , it looked as if it had been put in a vice and over tightened resulting in clamp marks to the top and bottom, threw a wobbly over the phone and then emailed them the pictures I had taken before it was sent off. Ended up buying a creative as areplacement and the step mum, who is an advocate, is currently hounding them for compensation. Thing that ssuprised me was that the casing is really sturdy so it must have been tightened like feck to create marks . Also any I tunes bought and downloaded will not work on anything apart from an I.pod :x :x . Hence, i've now ddiscovered limewire.

    edit: foundd this battery removal - where they talk about using a piece of plastic thats where the plectrum comes into the equation.

  9. The Ipod doesn't appear in the source list when connected so I can't do a restore or reinstall. I have got itunes version 7, so it looks like I'm knackered......
  10. Got this from the Geek Squad website (no, really):

    If that doesn't work then it may be terminal after all:

    Sorry :cry:
  11. Creative Labs is the way forwards. And you know it.
  12. Try this for startersL

    Restoring to factory settings

    If you have no luck, follow the Apple "5 R's" method of trouble shooting your IPOD problem, Clickety.

    And heres the process to follow if none of that works.

    As far as possible, try to follow the Apple methods, Ipod's can be easier than you think to muck up the software installation.
  13. I think it's dead............ I've tried the 5 'r's as suggested but can't get it into disk mode or for it to appear in the itunes source list. When I plug it up to either mains or USB, there is no idication that it is charging. That shouldn't matter if I am trying to restore or reinnstall whilst connected to USB. When I hold down select and menu, I get the apple logo, but when I immediatley hold select and play/pause (as instructed) it doesn't go into disk mode....... as I say - I think it's goosed........
  14. As long as its less than a year old phone apple, if they ask you to send it to holland make sure youu take pictures and be prepared to loose an info stored on it.

    I am guessing that your ipod is a couple of years old. The battery is easy to remove if you need to. If it is a 3rd or 4th gen ipod then get over to maplins (or ebay), the replacement battery costs about 18 squid (tenner on ebay but from Hong Kong) and come with instructions and little plastic tools to do the job. I've just done it myself and it took 5 minutes.

    I'm not saying that the battery is the problem but on older ipods it is worth replacing anyway as the new ones last muuuuuch longer. Contrary to popular rumour you do not lose data when changing the battery.