Goojerat Barracks, Colly

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mongoose, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Anyone give me the lowdown on this lovely place? Got a friend posted there in the not too distant future...

  2. Who's he posted to.......most units have now moved into Merville Bks, all singing all dancing and brand spanking new. :D
  3. It's currently a building site, a very big building site.
  4. Being a dental type, I'd imagine (16?) CS Med Regt. Although on last posting they were attached to the armoured unit in camp rather than the CS Regt, basically wherever the dental centre is (google told me Goojerat)
  5. 16 CS are in Merville Bks, like I said its brand new down to accommodation, covered car parks for all ranks....the only thing it hasn't got is a bloody gym !!!! :x
  6. The dental centre is still in Goojerat. They will not be posted to 16 MR (notice no longer CSMR) but the DDA. If single they will be housed in Merville (new Z-Type)

    Goojerat is slowly being taken down (or falling down) but the dental centre is still OK. It will be re-housed when the new purpopse built MRS/Dental centre is complete
  7. Apart from the gym in RHQ and the new purpose built fitness centre by the back gate you mean

    ALL NOTE - ITS NOW 16 MR, not 16 CSMR
  8. I just found a piece in a local newspaper from the 21st saying the med centre had just opened, so I assume by the time they get posted (few months) it'll be straight in there?