Googling Shame

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. once you get past the realization that ' they' are monitoring everything people do on the internet, other disturbing thoughts pop up..

    according to ' sources' people in Egypt, India and Turkey are the most frequent searchers for webistes using the keyword " sex ".

    In Germany, Mexico and Austria " Hitler " is a big search query
    while in Chile, Australia and Britain it is " Nazi " Chile was also number one in searches under " gay " with Mexico and Colombia following close on - not sure what that implies.. Gay Nazi's? the Pink Gestapo? [ is is only Chav Brits lurking the tinternet for Nazis thus driving up the count? Can see Germany and Mexico, old timers keeping in touch with their former SS secret groups..LOL ]

    To my utter shame, Canada was in the top three for these keyword searches:
    Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, marijuana, burrito [ which suggests that smoking too much weed has made us superficial and shallow celebrity groupies and um hungry ] oh and Taliban/Iraq [redeeming us with at least a passing interest in current world events ]

    I am confident in announcing that I have never googled Britney Spears, I have higher standards than that, though I have peeked at Anjolina on line and in a drunken stupor last August did surf for pictures of Jessica Simpson [ I'm now in rehab for that ]..

    anyone else care to reveal their websurfing pecadillos?
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Google Hint # 9273

    If a Septic asks you what a manhole is, DO NOT DO AN IMAGE SEARCH WITH YOUR FILTERS OFF to show them.

    No really. Dont.
  3. Google Hint # 80327

    If you do a google search on "Smoke a fag" and click on an American website, don't expect to see any cigarettes.

    * Don't try this at work *
  4. I've done ONE frickin search for Jessica Simpson- just ONE. At that moment wife walks into my "wack off" room (as she calls it) sees pictures of JS and accuses me of wacking off to her. I was stunned !! and felt like saying come back in two hours and then you can REALLY see what's on the TITernet.
  5. Busta - with my compliments:

    Google Hint # 91227

    Fit a lock
  6. Tried that - That's why the wifey calls it my "wack off room". she caught me switching the lock from her bathroom door to my spare room. Now I have to wait for her to pass out. :twisted:
  7. Tell you what. Never try to find that film with James Belushi as the dog handler. K-9 on a search with the safe mode taken off. Not a good idea.
  8. googled for an image of a poppy and jeez on the first page.
    A poppy not porno I just wanted a poppy picture.
  9. Olay manufacturers of Oil of Olay had a similar problem with and some other websites about "daily facials" (only one or two keystrokes away from other sites aimed at a very different audience)

    Also I once worked for the website department of an Irish bank whose .com domain was owned by a bondage fetish club in California. They managed to buy it from them in the end but I'm sure it cost.
  10. Google tip 1111 never look up this anywere near ...anything!
  11. what the f*cking f*ck?!?!?!! how did you stumble on this site?
  12. I've used this site's services before, but it still gives me a giggle.

    the link is supposed to give you details of which managment company or agent handles which actor/artist
    but a quick read of the weblink can lead to other thoughts.