Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by artyssgt, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. google your army number and see what comes up first mine was a civilian part number for a bit of a harley davidson
  2. Good idea. I too am bored on a Sunday. Even better post an image with whatever comes up.
  3. Seeing im bored i did, turns out my number is a chromosome, though another is something to do with pond life,which some would say was a better description for me
  4. A rather fetching pair of hoop earrings on an auction site.

    Only doing this as I'm bored on a Sunday afternoon, I might try it on the parts disk at work tomorrow.

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  5. I am an Icelandic Geyser !!!

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  6. Same here, first is some kind of gene.

    The second is *sigh* an "I love Hugs" t-shirt.

  7. Mine brings up a claim form from the New York State Office of Unclaimed Funds, showing an account ending in my army number, and a Chinese name. Perhaps I ought to fill it in and see if they send me a humungous cheque.

    Although knowing my luck they'd send a couple of plods from Interpol to arrest me for fraud.
  8. some kinda reptile stuff

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  9. Must be a 3 for 1 offer.
  10. Marriot Hotel,Frankfurt ???
  11. Mine comes up with me – How spooky is that :D :D
  12. Mine comes up with a link to some horrendous song on Yahoo jukebox
  13. mine came up with this.

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