Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by vespa, Apr 5, 2004.

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  1. hey type in


    and hit return and see what you get :lol: :lol:
  2. aye a poll he voted on.... and? what's the punchline?
  3. God, you're a chump, Vespa.

    Why don't you two just bring an end to this interminable, tragic internet sparring, and settle things the old fashioned way? Seriously.

    Find a mutually convenient date, meet at an equidistant point on the map, and punch seven shades of s**t out of one another.

    Then, Vespa, you can scrape your face off the pavement, put it in a carrier bag, and return to whence you came with this protracted, and rather boring struggle against tigger at an end.

    It's dull, and it's laughably one sided - he's joined the colours and been a regular soldier for a considerable time, you are a tragic wanabee attempting to mix it with the big boys.
  4. Hmm..... cutting!

    Certain amount of truth in there though, still don't know what the punchline is though about him voting on one of the index page polls ?
  5. 8O ..... I dont get it, when I saw this thread I thought eye eye Vespa the little tinker has figured out how to make me look a right c*nt on Google, thought better check this out...........whats so funny V about polls I have voted on?

    A question springs to mind though if anyone can answer(I know the dumb c*nt who started this thread will not be able to), how do those things end up getting found by google? I mean its not even all of them .

    Oh and Vespa you have really just confirmed to me you have the mental age younger than the kids you fiddle with....oops train sorry, now feck off back into your little hole and try and come up with something that will at least make me smile and think "mmmmm maybe theres hope for the c*nt yet"
  6. The short, short summary is that Google crawls the web, stores a local cache of the pages it finds, and builds a lexicon of common words. For each word, it creates a list of pages that contain that word. A query for a given word returns that list, sorted by pagerank. Pagerank is computed based on the pageranks of the pages linking to a document.

    One clever technique Google uses is to consider the anchor text of links to a page as well as the text of a page itself. This allows searches to find results that include pages that haven't been crawled by Google itself (which might include non-html files that Google can't parse in any meaningful way, such as images, audio, and video).

    I trust that helps ?

    Figured out the punchline yet? :twisted:
  7. If only I had designed the google system, I might be tempted to buy you all a drink with the billions of dollars I'd have. But since I'm poor and skint and not that clever you can get your own. :)
  8. If only I had designed the google system, I might be tempted to buy you all a drink with the billions of dollars I'd have. But since I'm poor and skint and not that clever you can get your own. :)
  9. talking of google, go to google enter 'manchestermonkey' and hit "i'm feeling lucky" :D
  10. Yeah, it did it for me as well. God, I need to get out more.... :D

    So do you, MM!! :wink:
  11. the point is that if you put an unusual name on the net and google will find something.
    so if any of you have an unusual nickname google will have something on you as manchestermonkey did find out.

    i will ignore tiggers usual response.............
  12. That is has got to be the most useless comment ever posted on here. Of course that's what google will kick out if you type in something as unusual as a nickname. In fact I haven't a clue what this thread was all about or what you wanted to achieve by starting it. Unless of course you really wanted to make yourself look really really stupid. Well good news, for once you managed to achieve something with one of your posts!

    I've never really been too bothered about your stupid, childish and often pointless posts. Why don't you get off arrse and go and post your krap on some kids site somewhere where they might take you to be an equal... all be it a very slow and mentaly challenged one.

    Oh yes, hand in your uniform and leave the kids alone until you've grown up to at least the same mental age as them. You're not fit to wear it.
  13. LMAO!! :D

    PP strikes to the core again! :D
  14. Needed to be said though. I mean if a dog was that confused and out of touch with reality it'd be put down..... now there's an idea :roll: