Google Wave - Google finllay take over the world?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Applehead, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. YouTube Presenstation (1hr 20 mins!)


    More if you Google it (Bah da!)

    Rich text editing, integration Google maps, IM, plus loads more!

    Got real potential as a platform for building on top a social networking site, plus in day to day business as new email client, work collaboration tool..

    Google could really dent Microsoft with this one (e.g Sharepoint) and blow out Twitter, Facebook etc etc

    Plus open source so open to third-party developers so loads of tools will be out to add on.

    Out by the end of the year!!
  2. Bah da? Isn't that a town on the Upper Irrawaddy?

    Rich text editing? How much do they pay sub-editors anyway?

    Google maps? I can't even fold them.

    IM? or ER?

    A platform for building on a networking social site? Right -- it's a train station where all the fishermen go to mend their nets and have a chat.

    Sharepoint? Is that what a stockbroker points at a graph with?

    Blow out twitter and facebook? OK, there's this lodger who's always reading and his pet canary never shuts up, so you're going to leave the windows wide open and get rid of them in the next gale.

    Whatever he said about an ironmongers that's open all hours.
  3. Google is a fcuking ball ache, stickers everywhere, those cars roaming the streets photographing everything, and raping privacies, as well as gleaning hard drives and surfing habits. Advertising, Desktops, Searches, News, Mail, Cuddly Toy. Not so much a corporation, more an infestation that hopefully, like Microsoft, will fall victim to its own greed.
  4. Personally, I think this looks like the dog's danglies...