Google vs THEM

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Privacy is a thing of the past, live with it
  2. I doubt if this is really much of a security issue, if google street view vehicles can drive past so can anybody else. If anything is likely to be a security risk it's going to be commercial satellite imagery. A couple of amusing statements in the report though:

    MPs and military chiefs demanded Google remove the pictures, claiming it made the SAS a target for terrorist attacks. - What you mean they're not already?

    One man, who did not want to be named but is associated with base, said: ''The SAS conducts operations where secrecy is absolutely vital to their success. - Perhaps they should stop writing books then. A man associated with the base, the bloke who delivers beer to the NAAFI?

    But of course local MP Paul Keetch doesn't miss a chance to get a quote in
  3. The full layout of Credenhill has been visible on Google Earth for years, why the sudden fuss over a street view of just the gates?
  4. zzzzzzzz
  5. ........and they've compromised the covert Corsa as well, you know, the one with the cameras fitted?
  6. Got a link? (twat) :x

    What's the big deal about the colour of the boathouse anyway?
    (No secret that it's unvarnished dark wood and blue paint currently is there)
  7. It's all over the net so chill with the abuse you mong...
  8. so what? I mean really, everyone who gives a toss about THEM knows where the base is. It's been on maps for donkeys.
  9. Bet google doesn't have the street maps of similar facilites in US.....

    And if they did, I doubt they'd respond to the US DoD with 'we don't intend to remove them'.
  10. They probably moved to larger premises to make room for a Memorial Balcony. They would need to have more space due to the amount of people who could claim a place.
  11. You clearly have no knowledge of the real boathouse.If you did,you would also know it has a Balcony,which is a lovely shade of pink.
  12. Of course he doesn't want to be named. Tescos will find out he wasn't at work that day.
  13. Why? 'cause it's not like you're facking incapable of typing Credenhill into facking Google Earth, are you? Y'know, like the other four billion mongs who use it.