Google Streetview invasion of privacy or not

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by longtimeago, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. OK so I was out walking the dog the other afternoon when the Google camera car appears round the corner, taken by surprise I hardly had time to raise my middle finger or open my full length brown raincoat, I tell you I'me outraged that this car can prowl the streets without giving anybody due notice of its whereabouts, how are we meant to get a decent photo of ourselves for all the world to see!! :twisted:
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It all sounds like outrage for outrages sake. Who cares, anyone can drive or walk down any of these streets at any time and see the same things. A bunch of whingers if you ask me.
  3. Ironically,this was done a longtimeago.
  4. That story is frankly a load of bollocks. The papparazi would not exist if people were not allowed to take such photos.
  5. They're full of shit. You or I could walk down the street taking photos as we went and it would be within the law, and like it or lump it, Google have as much right to, also. I'll bet these whining cunts are the same type of NIMBY's who didn't want relatives of injured servicemen/ women staying in their 'affluent' neighbourhood.

    In fact, they probably broke the law when they obstructed the Queen's highway; any law experts care to enlighten us?
  6. Okay... so there is the old argument that … if you’ve done nothing wrong there is no reason you should worry about people knowing what you get up to'.

    I don’t buy that and never have done.

    In other words… let the government keep records on everything you do and say, or watch, or buy or throw away, or email or text. And what’s wrong with a universal compulsory DNA database while we’re at it?

    My issue with google street is that it is a marketing tool, they are getting they benefit of taking pictures of me and my house. It would be a dream if I were a burglar… I could check out security and access points to any house I wanted from the comfort of my own computer.
  7. No offence but I just don't buy the burglar argument. If they feel comfortable breaking into your house from the front then you have more serious problems with the kind of neighbourhood you are living in.

    For me its all misplaced outrage. I'm more concerned that a woman who has just had the record of her husbands porn oggling leaked and splashed all over the press still thinks the govt should be truisted with holding sensitive data on its subjects. Wake up Miss Smith!

    Thats where invasion of privacy and risk to personal property (ID theft) is greatest.
  8. You can only see the front oth the house there are lots of places where you can get a 360 birds eye view which show a lot more. Besides if someones going to break into your house they will chcek it themselves up close all the moaners are just people who kick up a stink over anything