google search function is.... french.

I usually run firefox, and it has this nifty search thingy top right.

on google, each time i search it is coming up with the french search engine, I don't recall telling it to... anyone know how to change it back to UK google?
Go to Google then top right you'll see a cog, click on it and go to search settings and select English where it asks for page language preferences. If that don't work I'm buggered. :)

I've already changed the lingo using settings (cheers though gravedigger) but google is still searching with the french google... changing location demands a valid french post code WTF.
i've got around itby installing a different google search engine on the tool bar.

deleting off the original and reinstalling just brings back french one.
I had a spell about a month ago where (despite being in the UK) I was in Warsaw according to my IP address, and kept getting the Polish version of Google. Google 'Google UK' and you should get what you want.
I was doing that... but it is so fcuking annoying. Esp as I am doing a spot of research at the mo.

Oh well, we'll see what tomorrow brings. fcuking Dutch probably.

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