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For the past couple of weeks I have been unable to open my Googlemail account and my Google search hasn't worked either. Why is this happening? Is it a different problem each time or can't Google fix the the initial problem and so it keeps recurring?
I've just tried Google on my wife's Firefox internet and that works fine showing there's no problems with our computer and Google. What on earth could be stopping me accessing Google using Google Chrome?
God knows, maybe you have some chrome cookie problem. Best thing to do is to clear the cache and cookies from Chrome and see how that pans out. Failing that bin chrome and use firefox.
It's OK, it's not just you. I had this problem about 10 days ago with virginmedia (who are moving their email service over to Google). I lost my emails for a few days. According to a friend in IT, gmail and virgin both had problems starting about a month ago, and some virgin servers got hacked and burned, whatever that means. He said don't worry, they are fixing it all bit by bit, so you will get your emails sometime. You just may have to wait for a few more days.
REMEbrat said:
Any ideas for an alternate search engine while Google is out of action?
I can kind of understand the Virgin/Gmail issue, but that won't affect the google search engine at all. So I would say you still have a problem....I would still go with clearing your cookies and cache. When you clear your cookies, you will clear any logging on refference to google mail, which should allow you through.

Although if that doesn't work, then use to search
Use hammer on computer.

I still think it is a cookie problem. What you could do is go into the logs and see what they say. Click on Start then Settings then Control Panel. In control panel, click on Administrative Tools and then on Event Viewer. Click on Application have a look at the Errors etc in there and then do the same for System.
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