Google must rate us!

Google must sweep this site on a very frequent basis. The posts I placed in this forum a week ago have already appeared as a search result! It must be the Amerillo effect!
Some of you may remember that GCO was exhorting us a while back to get the 'PR' (Page Rank) of ARRSE raised.

You can see where ARRSE currently is by clicking here.

In effect, we need everyone to go across the tinternet and create a link from another site - preferably another site with a high 'PR' to link back to us. Google evaluates the 'importance' of the site on the other end of the link back to us when it assigns us our 'PR'.

Therefore, we are after more than simply 'quantity' of links. We need jolly good insider efforts from some seriously top notch sites, so get weaving!

I am stumping up a case of nice bubbly stuff to the ARRSEr who can establish the highest 'PR' link by 13 Sep 05. Good luck! :D

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