Google Italy ruling threat to internet freedom

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legs, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I have looked and didn't see anything about this, which surprises me.

    This ruling basically means that a website owner will take the blame if anything is placed on that website that breaches privacy laws. I think it's a dangerous precedent that has been set. How can there be any freedom now? What is the risk to GCO/BCO? We've already seen a Police warning issued after that thread. Does the Italian ruling (which is based on European Law) mean the end of all forum sites?
  2. Berlusconi does NOT appreciate opposition!

    Microshaft 'buy' most things and politicians are, allegedly, included.
  3. Stuff the Italians and their so called justice system.

    As I,ve said before on this site, "......they are afraid of words spoken abroad......a little tiny mouse of thought enters the room......." W.S Churchill,

    Or as Wellington said "Publish and be damned to you"
  4. I wonder. Does Italy have the money to prosecute *everyone*?

    Better yet, do they have money to handle the individual counter-suits?
  5. It's always been a myth that there was some absolute 'freedom' of expression. Every society has laws, regulations and taboos about what you can and cannot put into the public domain, from State Secrets to kiddie porn.

    The Italian ruling puts the emphasis on the website owners to make sure that nobody who's using their facility does so in ways which breaks existing laws governing right of expression. In effect, it holds them liable for not ensuring that contributors hold to established standards of restraint.

    Personally, I'd be far more worried about UK libel laws and the continual attempts to introduce a privacy law to stifle free reporting. All the 'Tallies have done is torn up the knobbers' charter.