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Can anybody help me with a really irritating thing? I'm living in Germany, obviously have a German ISP. Every time I go onto Google, it goes to German. Is there a way of making if default to English (-speaking; either real or septic, I'd be happy either way).
on the toolbar go into "more" them "even more" theres a translate icon there, or go to Google help Forums that should be able to help you
Easy! Type the UK Google URL into the address bar and when it loads, set it to your home page.
Also Settings>Search Settings, top right of a Google search, brings up the Preferences page where you set the language.
Thanks for all your replies.
I was sober last night so didn't explain the problem exactly enough.
In Firefox, there's a Google tab, tip right. If I type anything in that I want to search for it defaults to the German Google.
That's what I want to change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This is the English Google tool bar for Firefox.

Try going into Tools - Options - Content. Click languages and put English GBR to display first. I am in Italy and don't seem to get Italian 1st.
Opps_offr: Very cool. Somehow on installing Firefox it had picked up my originally German Windows 7. Thanks
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