Google gets it right

Oh I think that'll last all of 10 minutes :D
Darth_Doctrinus said:
I'm off to get some dinner...but before I go, try 'Swivel Eyed Loons'.... :D
PC: £800
Phone Line: £10
Internet Connection: £15
Google "Swivel Eyed Loons" and getting the UKIP website: Priceless
Try the word "love" and look at picture 21 .

Top left on the second page.

Is that Jeremy Clerksons brother?, I mean, I know he likes cars but that's taking things a bit too far.
And don't forget this one:

"french military success"

and then click on I'm feeling lucky....
Or try 'French Military Victories' and hit I'm feeling lucky
Another one is 'liar'. Hit pages from the UK and i'm feeling lucky.

Are you surprised?
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