Google Fight!

The perennial classic once again!

Click here, enter 2 things/entities/people you'd like to see 'fight' and click the 'Make a fight' button.

The up-and-coming site Rum Ration prompted me to see who'd win between 'us' and 'them'... here to find out! :D
Interesting concept. France beats Britain (and England). TA beats SAS.
Chavs beat Arrse
Arrse beat the Mongs

and because all Chavs are Mongish to an extent....WE WON!
Uk beat Germany....
Signals beat Sappers...
Signals beat SAS!
Signals beat the Guards...
Signals beat Arsenal..
Signals beat Chelsea..
Signals beat Kylie...

but best of all,

Signals beat Tony Blair :twisted:

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