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Thought that I would share this with as many people as possible. Follow this link to the most awesome piece of software:

It's a complete interactive 3D software suite that allows you to view any part of the earth via satellite or aerial photography.

It's completely free from Google but you must be running a fairly decent PC on Broadband......

Have a go. You may like it.
I've had it for a while now. I can identify the tent and as near as damn the very bedspace I was in in Fortress Lines in Basra. It is a fantastic peice of software.
Yes, very good - although I think Armourer brought this into Arrse a few weeks ago.
Handily includes sandhurst and Barossa training area in detail... will be printing out in a4 each sq K
Tiffy_71 said:
Yes, very good - although I think Armourer brought this into Arrse a few weeks ago.
He did. There was quite a decent thread about it. Still, its worthy of another mention.

As LWM said, i can identify my tent from Iraq, and i've got a decent photo of every camp i've ever served in.

There is a version that you can pay for. Does anyone know if that version has more high quality imaging?

That's a pretty staggering programme, considering it's free. Try browsing the associated forum, under the military section. Edwards Air Force Base, for example, is shown with two SR-71s parked up in vivid detail. RMAS is also shown on the higher resolution area of the UK map.

I'm led to believe the GetMapping project provides high quality aerial photographs. The London and UK-wide photos are available in book shops, although the prices are high.

For real detail, find a Canberra aerial reconnaissance plane.
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