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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Free program, 3d Earth zoom in to your place, needs broadband. Looks like it could be a good program.

  2. Just given it a go, absolutely brilliant. And it's free. Mind you, my broadband's recently increased to 2 MB so I don't know if slower would be a problem.
  3. Running fine off 'bog standard' broadband.

    Great find Awol.

    Good for researching my holiday location!!
  4. all ok on 512 connection
  5. Here you go, Aldershot......


    You can see Caesar's camp and everything.
  6. Dunno what there is to and use the "Satellite" tab. No software to install. Been around for a few months already.

  7. Huh?
  8. Good tip, but personally I would still recommend people give the Google Earth download a try, if they have broadband and spare space on their hard drive. It gives more functionality - easier to navigate, you can zoom in closer, and roads and roads/map data can be overlaid on the imagery.

    Detail varies between different parts of the world but I have just looked at a few places in Google Earth compared to and Google Earth was definitely better in each case. Depends on what you need, and the ability to use from any PC without installation is certainly an advantage.

    With both methods, the placename index is not complete for many parts of the world so you may not find a town or village by just entering the name. In that case, with Google Earth you can navigate to the general area, zoom in and you may then see the names and other data overlaid on the imagery.
  9. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    That is without doubt the best thing I've downloaded from the net. Awesome. Try the alps - you can actually fly down the valleys because the satellite image is laid on to actual relief (there must be a certain height change where they bother to do that). Just took a flight from Italy to Munich. Need some serious broad band to do that though - mine struggles at 1.5 GBps
  10. We must look alike :D
  11. Apart from some of my milf hunter collection, i have to concur with Good CO. Some of the mapping quality is awsom, i looked at the picture of Aldershot above, and looked for my old house, you can zoom in and see into the garden. Excellent find.

  12. Yer bas'tards. Apparently me laptop contains something called an ATI Mobility Radeon ElectroPangleDooferPaddle. The only one in Christendom that Google Earth won't work with.

    So go on, rub it in, how good is it?
  13. Mines got an ATI Radion Mobility in it, and it works a treat. Have you tried to install it or are you reading the tech blurb from the website?

  14. Both Boney. I downloaded it, but when I click on the .exe file sweet FA happens, just the hourglass jobby flashes for a second, then nothing. Had a look on the site and it says I'm doomed if I have an ATI...
  15. Shame that, because its really, really, really good :wink: