Google Earth - Whats it for??

beat me to it Flashy!
I read about this place, one lazy summers afternoon at xxxxxxxxx, with not a lot else to do but go through a load of 'stuff in folders' just because I could and others couldn't.

It's a form of BGT (Chinese style) 'Birdtable'.

Looking at the above link and the 'bootnote';

"Thanks to Ken Welch for the tip-off."
Surely not 'our Kenny'?
You need some obliques to get an impression of the buildings to photo east of the model, plus the image should be rotated 90 degrees...jesus sorry, slipped into IA mode.
Wouldn't a stereo pair help immensely?

I remember that from my A3 !!!


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Worlds most elaborate Warhammer 40 000 game....

Google earth is mainly for...i dunno, trying to figure out how out of date the picture is?
Some one went completely ott on his orders :?
Goggle earth used to start arguments over length of the bpfa course :D .NCO baffled to how I got a sat photo of the course even after i tried explaining goggle earth to him.
If you have a spanking A0 printer at work, Google Earth is what you use to make large prints of other peoples houses and then charge 'em £15 a time for. Not me, obviously, because that would be stealing from the Army................... Like taking batteries..............and stationery............................
I wonder if they have a problem with spiders creating "power lines." Be a shame if they end up detouring flights just because the model hasn't been dusted for a while....


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Well, it does beat carrying a model kit for orders comprising of a bit of string, some compo and picking up some pebbles to make a model which looks like the approach route to Snowdonia. :p
It certainly beats crop circles, but I think the Mayan lines still have the upper hand.
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