Google Earth v 4.2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by FluffyBunny, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. In case you haven't noticed it, the newer version of Google earth now has a terrain database built in for various parts of the world, including the UK.

    This means you can look at a plan view, then switch to an angled view and get an idea of the contours etc. It's not as detailed as the official OS programme that does the same, but it is photo based so might be easier to see certain features, and it's free .....

    I've attached a couple of pics with vertical scale set at 3 times normal to try and give an idea of what I'm wittering about.

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  2. And you can look at the stars with google sky....
  3. How's that different than what it did before? It's had a terrain function for as long as I've been aware of it, certainly for the last two years.

    Big new thing in 4.2 is the flight simulator!
  4. Now I can prepare for that 9 hour flight to america, I've got the microwave ready!
  5. There is a program being developed that can rip some of the imagery from Google earth, so you you can use it in Flight Simulator X. With a good terrain mesh (such as 10 metre post data) when you fly over at 1000 feet, its not easy to tell from the real thing.

    Some of the Salisbury plain imagery is excellent. Near New Zealand Camp you can clearly see a number of Warriors.