Google Earth - Oooh lookee!

The UK is slowly getting all of its' hi-res image maps in place and just out of interest I had a look at RAF Fairford, apart from the wow factor of how far it up can be viewed from, and the extent of the works undertaken there a few years back there is a nice 'X' plane on the pan. A touch of watching the watchers I think.
I'll bet all of the UFO nuts will be drooling once Macrehanish is viewable.
Its a great tool, but hopefully I'm stating the bleedin obvious when I point out that it is not live.
The cretins in my office are convinced that with a click of their mouse, satellites are zooming through space at their beck and call, just so that they can check to see if theres a heron worrying the fish in their garden pond. :roll:
Baghdad is nicely crater free.
If you're looking for a crater, try 057 35 04.10N, 134 39 07.63E

Probably more interesting to look at 032 09 20.06N, 110 50 25.76E - start from an altitude of about 15000ft.
Basrah Air Station - 30o33'39.20" N 47o40'00.47" E

It must be quite old imagery though as there is a fair bit missing on the ground compared to what was there last week.
032 09 20.06N, 110 50 25.76E on worldwind looks very different to the Google Earth image. I wonder what happened to all the planes? Surely they can't all be in Iraq.

I think I'll stick to Google Earth - it's more recent and at least you can see Saddam's yacht.


The aircraft at Fairford looks to be a U2.
Google Earth's coverage of the UK must have been taken on a Sunday - if you look at North Weald airfield, NE of London, you'll see an enormous car-boot sale. The other give-away is that all of the RAF bases appear to be deserted.:twisted:
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