Google Earth - invasion by HIV laden asylum seeker?

Open Google Earth and head towards London.

There's a banner "Every human has rights" which if you follow it down takes you to Chigwell.

Placing the cursor on the banner shows the name, Promise Mthembu.

I Googled the name and came up with this:

Promise Mthembu is a young South African woman living here in the UK with a child. She thinks the initial Aids message is to blame:
“Stigma is still an issue everywhere and I think this has to be credited to the early media response to HIV which associated it with ‘bad people’. The initial marketing and messages around Aids were of horror. These have stuck with us.

It was worse in South Africa where I come from. The image was of a horrible disease for horrible people. It’s getting treatments to people and people getting well and living with HIV that will really reduce stigma, particularly in Africa. It will normalise HIV.

I don’t think it’s because HIV is transmitted mainly through sex either that makes people treat it with shame. There are other infections you get from sex. For example, in my country I remember at one time it was cool for guys to visit STI clinics a few times a week cos it proved they were sexually active!

Here I think the problems are more personal ones. And also if you’re an asylum seeker with HIV you get an extra worry because you feel stigmatised on both counts.

My child has HIV and cerebral palsy. I’ve decided not to tell the education authorities that she has HIV because if I do they will treat her differently and she already has a lot to bear with another condition. I don’t tell my childminders either. If it doesn’t seem safe or beneficial then I do keep it secret; I suppose this is where stigma does affect me.

I don’t talk about my HIV to my friends in London. They don’t know at all. Even though they do know I work ‘in Aids’. I’d need to prepare them with so much information. It’s not that I’m afraid I’d lose them as friends, but I’d lose respect and I’d lose confidence. They might pity me; I don’t want that.

HIV does knock the confidence out of you when you have a relationship with an HIV negative person. You can end up always struggling with the worries like ‘is he doing me a favour?’ and then you try and give more than you should.

Nice lady. HIV infected and feels she should "give more" to non-infected boyfriends.

Why the need to abuse Google Earth though?
And from the Google Earth placemark:

Promise Mthembu is a daughter, a mother, a friend, a sister, a nourisher, a breadwinner, a colleague, a professional, a thinker, a strategist, an advocate, a partner, and a feminist.

What it omits is that she's evidently selfish and a ticking weapon of mass destruction. (Not telling teachers, childminders etc because she'd lose respect).
It gets better.

If you read her bio (from the Google Earth placemark), you find that her first child was stillborn. She terminated her second child, conceived after she knew that she and her husband had HIV, and was sterilised.

So how has she now got a kid with HIV and cerebral palsy?

Something not adding up.
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