Google Earth: IED near Baghdad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mister_Angry, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. lat=33.3266643224, lon=44.2847018875

    Either that or one hell of an engine fire ...
  2. M_A, cant get google earth to fly to a lat and long. Might just be a duffer, but is there an easier way, like sharing it as a kmz file?
  3. Copy and paste 33.3266643224 44.2847018875 into 'edit/find in places/fly to'. Its an area in the West of Baghdad on the northen road on a dual carriage way.

    Info suggests its a destroyed Hummer.
  4. Thanks flash, i was using the lat=/lon= at the start. worked a treat without them.
  5. cheers, earth google newbie aswell

    How do you work out when it was taken (looked ay my own house and its weeks out of date)
  6. I can see an IED in Baghdad but I can't see my house which is near one of the major SE tourist haunts!! TBH Baghdad more interesting! :)
  7. quite a lucky shot
  8. Lucky for who???
  9. Thats one hell of a fire, hope the crew got out ok.
  10. How did you find that? And any other little gems to share with us?
  11. Well I thought this was quite good, in a Naffi bar kind of way: 53°32'19.86"N 1°20'50.49"W :lol:

    On the other Q's: the images on GE have been taken since, iirc, 2002, and are periodically updated - North Germany has just been improved dramatically and you can see a lot of stuff of interest for those of us who did/ are doing BAOR. The best way to pick up interesting stuff, apart from looking for it yourself, is through the various GE newsgroups.

    If I find anything else I'll wack it in here.

    (edited for geographical embarrasment)
  12. For the sadly spotterish

    n52 20 10.87 w0 11 43.34
  13. Am I sad and spotterish? But that's the Lancaster from the 'RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight'.
  14. Can't tell what it is. No other vehicles around it though. No 'rest of the convoy'

    As for the date, LSA Anaconda (where my tank is) is photographed as in late May 2004.