Google Earth....Friend Or Foe!!

I have had google earth for some time now, and it is a great tool to teach with, but i was wondering about the Military perspective.

You can pretty much zoom into most Military Bases around the world, and if i
can do this from the comfort of my home, What of the so called "Terrorist
and some Militant Nutjob.

Has the military a contingency plan to block Google from showing images, all be it not that great, but clear enough to pose a threat.
I believe there was a debate on this a while ago.
I think it ended up that google agreed to only use non current images of areas as a compromise.
But then again I may be talking bollox.

Lets face it though, they must have some 'power' if they can show Area 51 and not be shut down :D
The US government probably asked them to show area 51 as a distraction to the tin foil hat brigade. Nothing interesting would have gone on there for years because of all the media interest.


You can't google earth current military sites in Iraq anymore but up until about a year ago you could.
You'd think some one might have thought about that a bit earlier really
Near to where I live is an instalation with MOD Plod, but on Google Earth its just a field with a fluffy white cloud, and always has been, it has the same teatment on other similar sites , I think , and hope that sensitive info is not shown, Anyway if some one was keen enough they would turn up and scope the place for themselves be a bit more up tp date as well.

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