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In the latest update, there's a Flight Simulator hidden away (or at least it wasn't in the release notes, and there's no option for it in the Menu.)

Update to the latest version, and then press Ctrl, A and Alt, and a flight sim pop up appears with a choice of two planes, with the default starting runway of Kathmandu, so you can fly around the Himalayas.

Once you've played with it once, it's accessable from the options menu.

Here's a list of controls they've put up:

URL fixed
if its not working for you and your trying the ctrl + alt + A approach, then if you have a windows key on your keyboard, try "ctrl + windows key + A"

thats how it worked for me
Quite good actually, I plugged my xbox 360 controller and flew from london to plymouth, got bored and 9/11'ed the tamar bridge.

Would be nice if their was some sound effect or enemy aircraft/missions.

Maybe someone will make a mod for it.
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