Google earth blots out Iraq bases

British military bases in Iraq have been "blotted" out from Google Earth maps at the request of the Government to hinder terrorist attacks, it can be revealed.


Caught this in a geek magazine first, don't think its been posted yet.
About time - always found it baffling that they weren't since day one. IIRC there was a story relatively recently about GE pictures used in planning an attack on a base in the middle-east? Afraid I can't find a link.
It is a bit of a case of shutting the stable door, but hopefully it will prevent newer bases from showing up?
Ventress said:
Bit late now isnt it?

Agreed, there is a lot of bollox about freedom of this and that but Google don't supply the birds.

Sensitive sites should never have been shown from day one IMHO.


What really ticked me off was that it was only the Brit bases that were shown, and in particularly high resolution.

The US bases in the north were very much lower res..

What I don't understand is where this cover came from? The images were updated a couple of times in the past 18 months. IMHO it must have come from a mil source, either A/C or space imagary.


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How the hell will the RAF ever find Basra Airport now? :)
Can just see it now all the aircraft in a holding pattern over SLB when the cry comes this bl00dy map is 60 yrs old god damn you!

However I am sure the Iraqis are well aware of our dispositions now as I am sure our LEC's don't mention a word when the get home - NOT.

Was probably a good idea by Google though in the long run



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Nothing new here really. When civ satellite pictures first became available they could be got of NI when our bases were not shown on maps. When i told someone some time ago that you can pick out which cars have sunroofs on the resolution available for TBK they seemed a little surprised.

You might not be able to get free Google Earth images, but you can still buy the commercial stuff. Do bad guys not have access to readies for such purchases?


I dunno...

It just seems little odd that the tiles overflying the UK bases in Iraq were the highest res around!

call me suspicious 117 if you like, but it was just too neat to be accidental!

(replaces tinfoil hat...)
The pictures were good enough to pick out individual vehicles. I saw some of Basra Palace and you could clearly see Warriors parked outside the cookhouse. I am amazed it's taken so long. Actually, I'm not at all, given this government's track record.
9.414 said:
You might not be able to get free Google Earth images, but you can still buy the commercial stuff. Do bad guys not have access to readies for such purchases?

Agreed, but why make it easy for them and lets be fair it doesn't get much more easy than logging onto google earth.


was the problem not the same for google maps also. My mate showed me just how detailed the camps were and pointed out just the spot were he was standing when a mortar bomb hit
I was able to find myself on Google Earth: Well, I found my tank in the tank park in LSA Anaconda, and a bunch of dots which were my platoon and myself doing pre-movement maintanance, so I know I was one of the dots...

However, the pictures were about a year, year and a half old at the time and the base that I was in up in Mosul two years go did not appear at all until a refresh a few months ago.

Basically, the Iraqis are more likely to get current information on the base layout from all the workers who come onto the base to earn some money than from someone sitting at the computer screen.


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