Google Earth Barrack Tottie Hunt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. I found this whilst looking over some old Soviet barracks in Germany. You need to fire up Google Earth and centre it on Berlin. Then find a small town to the south called Wunsdorf. Once there locate the HUGE old Wermacht barracks later occupied as the HQ GSFG (Group of Soviet Forces Germany). Over one of the old barrack block you will find 2 (it looks like one at a higher altitude) light blue picture indicators.
    Have you found the tottie? They never had ladies like that walking around any German barracks I was ever based in! Well, not that blatant anyway.
  2. Any chance of a Lat and Long ??
  3. Did I not give enough clues?! It is worth the hunt, belive me.
  4. Just enter 'Wunsdorf' in the GE search box and it will zoom you straight there. The barracks are on the east side of town and the picture links are clearly visable.
  5. How did you find them in the first place?
  6. Looks lik any BFG barracks in the 70s to me.Well spotted mate
  7. I have an interest in history and was based in Germany for the last few years of the cold war.
    I often take a look at Germany on Google Earth just to see the sheer scale of how big a battle ground Germany would have become. If you hover above almost any point you will see ammunition depots, airfields and other military signs such as ranges and pre made SAM sites. Germany was a battlefield without a war.
  8. I was amazed at one point to find out that the soviets actually took some airfields away with them when they left! As their runways were made of precast concrete squares they could be quickly repaired or dismantled, which is what they did in some cases. Simply loaded the runways onto trains and sent them back to Russia!
  9. Nope, would have failed my Photo/Interpreter Course. Any more clues?
  10. If you do not have google earth, I think you will find some interesting Prussian architecture here pana-trx

    If you look closely you will also see the Progres buses
  11. here you go...this guys done allot more 'art' if you care to find it :)

  12. Damn, just realised I had my Google Earth preferences set to
    "No 70' nude women' mode.....
  13. Ah, memories of HQ WGF and 69 GMRR, the "Palace Guard"...