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I don't know how many people use or have tried Google Docs but the following blog may be of interest if you've not noticed that they've just added support for styles. If you've not used Google Docs then I'd definitely suggest giving them a try. We made the switch about a year ago and its just an awesome product.

For the last 12 months, Google Docs have been the office automation tools of choice for our company. The actual functionality of the individual components, such as the word processor or spreadsheet, is pretty limited compared to even quite old versions of Microsoft Office or equivalent. What they do provide though is effortless availability from any location, combined with simple sharing and editing tools that makes collaborative working a doddle. Our team is geographically dislocated so this is a major advantage as is the fact that you never need to worry about losing a document! Did I mention that Google Docs is free?

It is clear that Google are pushing hard to increase use and have recognised that some of the functionality does need improving before it can become fully adopted in the corporate environment. One clear area where this needed to be done was to offer the customisable style and templating features beloved of advanced Word users. Although styles were available, you were limited to the built in ones that Google had decided you wanted!

Having just logged in this morning I was therefore extremely excited to see a little note informing me that Google Docs has just been upgraded to provide customisable titles, headings and styles. This means that you can create documents ensuring that the formatting remains consistent throughout them. Not only that but once you’ve set up your styles then they are available to set as default for future documents that you create.

Overall this is a small but impressive improvement to an already extremely advanced product - top marks Google!

More information from Google website
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